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  1. Hi Thomas, Nice portraits of a Major of General Staff while in his service in northernafrican spanish city of Ceuta or Tetuan. I will reseach a bit on his ribbon bar but the medal in de 2nd photo is the Medal Municipalities homage to kings, Alfonso XIII and Victoria Eugenia. I think it is the first ribbon in the bar. It was created by royal decree of May 17, 1925 to commemorate the homage paid by the municipalities, on 23 January 1925 to Their Majesties Kings of Spain D. Alfonso de Borbón (Alfonso XIII) and Ms Victoria Eugenia of Battenberg, and express commitment to the Crown. Was repealed on December 10, 1931. Best regards Francisco P.S. Thank Thomas for help me out with the Meybauer bomber clasp in the W-A forum; I finally purchased it and its nice
  2. Theoretically, St.John's eagle had to dissapear starting 1946 regulation but still in use some time after until stocks exhaustation. Example in a courier motociclist helmet depicted in the 1946 Regulation.
  3. Perfect originals. During SCW many insignia were handcrafted locally. The simbol on the red disk is for the Spanish Foreign Legion, where the Italians enlisted as the only way to be in the spanish regular army being foreigner. I know these wings, were for sale some time ago at Flying Tiger Antiques and dissapeared, I guess were sold. Price tag too much for me. Regards Fran
  4. Thank you Karsten, very useful. I ordered the clasp and it is in the way to me. Regards Fran
  5. Hello, What's your oppinion on this clasp? is it the correct catch set up for this type of pin? Thank you Fran
  6. Hi Scott, Too big for hat. This is for breast and for enlisted personel Regards
  7. Hello Jacques, That wide wing hats are the ones used by labourers in the harvest in the field. Seems they were found useful by the sensitive to sun germans troops... Regards
  8. Hello,
    my name is stefan from germany. In a post of you i´ve saw that you have information of the german airmain Hans Sobotka. I would ask, can i have some informations of these airman and his crew because one of the crewmember were my great-granduncle Otto Hoffmeister. sorry for my english, thank you

  9. Beautiful german made one. No doubt of that since the spanish letter '?' is lacking in the word 'Campa?a' Regards Francisco
  10. Hello, New book on La Cenia. Main Legion Condor jagdgruppe aerodrome was presented by the author last week in La Cenia village, Tarragona; near Barcelona. To those interested in purchasing this book bilingual text spanish/catalonian containing about 650 photos of the type 'Then & Now' in a 332pp hardbound with dustjacket book, can email to: info@ventacuadros.com Prices with shipping are: Spain: 40? +8? shipping = 48? Europa: 40? +24,40? shipping = 64,40? USA: 40? +38,69? shipping = 78,69? LIMITED EDITION; DO NOT WAIT LONGER
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