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  1. thesae nato gongs are cheap and tacky..... 'bout time they spent some on the folks that earned them, and made a decent one with it engraved to them
  2. Indeedy. It looks like a water proof match carrier. Never seen one before. Very fancy, and I would suggest the 'NAD' are his initials.
  3. Yup, it always annoys me to see the PC do gooders interfering. They have no idea of esprit de corps. No idea about anything. They just encroach on what they see as outrageous and create an issue. F*** 'em! Airborne / Aeroporte !
  4. The upside of Conscription is the fact that a country has a pool of trained soldiers to call upon when they are needed, the down side is that conscripts rarely want to fight......
  5. Yes, I did see video camera footage of a recruit with a beer bottle taped to his forehead, eating dogsh*t from a shoe.....
  6. Good Evening , Gentlmen. What happened to the Canadian Airborne/Aeroporte, I know they were disbanded after footage of 'torture' and initiations? JS
  7. How sad. Why don't you go and spend yourt money on beer instaed.
  8. Can I have one , too? My Mum always said that I was a little Terror.
  9. Sounds like PC, Blair crap for an unpopular war to me. Not one person killed in the action? Lets face it, it does n't sound like a WW2 write up. In WW2 , that was an MID. Today its an M.M. at best.... Fair play to his actions tough.
  10. Yes, but three Mark IVs would certainly not have made the impact of the Tiger 1, and the Tiger1 had a very specific role. And come on... Villers Bocage in a Mark IV?
  11. I do apologise. I never saw that. Although, the teeth from that constant crap fake grin could a bloke some damage.
  12. Yes, its a boat. Where's the 'Tow Rag' on this one, then?
  13. I can't think of anything worse. Where does the term,'Glory Hole' come from?
  14. What about the Soviet T-95 Blackhawk tank. They have massive armour and a 140mm main gun.
  15. Yes, the BMP3 is awesome , but it must need 10 trucks full of ammo behind it where ever it goes!
  16. maybe its an end of the war manufacture, when materials were getting scarce
  17. No , I must admit , I cannot think of a campaign where the T.A. have been given a medal in greater numbers.But then the Special Forces , allied Afghans and the USAF, pacified that place long before the TA got there. Still , alawys nice to have a gong.
  18. I must admit, the ww2 german stuff doesn't interest me. They were evil we weren't. We won , they lost....
  19. I think they are being used for arms cache searches and tracking terrorists. I doubt they would send guard dogs out there as the none of the british camps eem to be permanent. The guard dogs are a very different kettle of fish. Only the handler can touch them, as they are savage ! Probably not a P.R. winner....
  20. Yes, I remeber now. Wasn't the Starfighter , nicknamed 'the widow maker' , after it suffered 68 crashes in 10 years? Or was that something else.
  21. I agree. I 've always thought they should have stuck with making the line in tanks. I think that their Assault gun designs were excellent, and maybe they could have made more of these. They were often called the 'poor man's tank' , but they were simple to build, less prone to mechanical problems and were deadly in the right hands. I didn't know that Germany was the first country to have a tank knocked out by another tank.
  22. Did the Allies use it as a Strategic post, or was it just 'occupied' to stop the Axis forces having it? I assume they must have made some attempts to fortify it.
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