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  1. Tony, l'm the originator of the post who's badge you featured. I now have another. It's yours registered post free for £125. Cheque or paypal. Let me know if interested. Mike
  2. Here is my small collection of 2nd Northumberland (Percy) Volunteer Artillery. First up is a Helmet plate. A close up. Here is the History of the Regiment. By Lt. Col J.G. Hicks 1899 Cover Close up Rules of the Regiment. 1893. A letter head dated 1878 Brigade Orders 1868.
  3. Glad the Household division and the Parachute Regiment were left with all their battalions... After all you never know when you'll need a parade.
  5. Frank, we used to cut a shield shape with flat bottom and rounded top out of the plastic that came in the Ammo tins. We fiddled with it until it was comfortable. Nothing was issued, people used card and all sorts of other things. The plastic wasn't sharp or hard, thus it was popular. Just put the badge lugs through it and the badge will stay upright. It's not just a Fusilier thing either, lots of units used internal backings. The hackle just slips down the back. It should be crimped for easy removal.
  6. Thanks for the comments. These badges where obviously unpopular, and didn't 'look right' on the fur cap. They where certainly replaced fairly quickly by those Ind/Pak ones, we've seen previously. Therefore, surplus to fur cap requirements, the Regiment (or QM more like!) being frugal would certainly have reused them if at all possible and as Graham states, where better than on the Pioneer apron. Makes sense to me. Either way I'm happy it's mine!
  7. I was lucky enough to win the badge featured below on our favourite & worse auction site. No one bid except me and thus I got it for the very reasonable opening bid. I don't know why no one else bid, I suspect many didn't read the auction properly and believed it to be a regular cap badge. Others would have thought it was a dodgy one as it doesn't match the current Fur Cap/ busby badges. I luckily remember seeing this very badge in the MHS journal just recently Volume 43 No 169 August 92 page 25/26. stated in the Journal as RRF probably circa 1969. However as the photo of the drummers are
  8. I've just framed a few badges up, including the DZ flash and helmet TRF and I got some old pics just to make sure I remembered the right way they where worn. I checked loads of pics just to be certain it wasn't just someones mistake. That's the reason I've written this, because the DZ flashes where worn with Maroon to left top, the TRF is worn maroon left bottom. Can anyone explain why this change was made? I thought these sort of things where fixed in stone (Clothing regulations!).
  9. Hi Doc, As a project I can only applaud your efforts, 1st Class. I've followed this thread with interest. However I cannot help wondering why you chose to remember the loss of your friend in this way by recreating Saddam's medals. I personally would have rather replicated your lost friends medals and award bar, than remember the monster responsible everytime you look at it. Mike
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