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  1. I don't think those Finns were mercenaries, per se, but more fighting to prevent another Soviet incursion into their country?
  2. What is this medal awarded for? What makes it so desired that it is so very accurately reproduced in this manner? Is it like an equivalent to the Order of Lenin, with the VM order akin to the Hero Star?
  3. Sounds like an interesting topic. Maybe someone can assist?
  4. One of a kind bar, that is for sure. So then the non combatant campaign medal with NC ribbon is for civilians only?
  5. I've always loved this photo. Thank you for this close up... When would this photo have been taken?
  6. These men who remained in the military into/through WW2, were the CTs allowed for continued wear?
  7. Beautiful award!!! For us non-Russian speakers, what were his other awards? What was his terminal rank?
  8. Those are some sweet sets. Thank you for sharing.
  9. Thank you for sharing this beautiful set. I've not seen a combination like that either.
  10. What an awesome bar. He must've been a really old man by then! At least 62 (unless he entered illegally at a younger age) at the onset of WW1! What is that second medal?
  11. Hi Peter, I hope that you are doing well. Do you think your friends would come here to post their collections for discussion? I'd love to see what they have. Paul
  12. Unlike most Iraqi awards, this one is extremely beautiful!
  13. That is cool! I cant wait to see the results. It looks like some strong anti-Israeli sentiment in there!
  14. That is an amazingly focused collection. Nicely done. Are you missing any?
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