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  1. Update: I received the following additional information from Feldgrau-Forum The medals are from left to right Medal Militaire Croix de Guerre 14-18 with a "Citation" medal 1870-71 with (volunteer?) Clasp On the far right a shooting clip Below the English Medal de Crimée (Does that mean that he could have participated in the Crimean War as a child?)
  2. Good evening. I was able to acquire this wonderful picture today, although France is not my collecting area. The label on the back reads as follows: "Remembering the Great War of a voluntary zouave from 1870 ..................... from 1914 Volunteer for the East Senior citizen in the French army Class of 1869 Sergent L. Paul. " Are there specialists here in the forum who can give me more details? Especially about his medals? The second in the top row is most likely the Croix de Guerre. Is there a (theoretical) possibility to identify the man on the basis of personnel records? Thank you in advance for any help. Stefan PS: Sorry for the bad quality, I use the seller's photos but will provide an scan of the original as soon as I get it.
  3. Here's another shot of him as Hauptmann in Garde-MG-Abt. 1 (Source: Hilsenbeck: Deutsche Offiziershelme, Volume 1) Anyone know when he was in Southwest Africa? Can't find any clue in the Ranklists. Gruß Stefan
  4. Detailed informations from 1926 "Ehrentafel und Stammliste des Garde-Reiter-Regiments" Gruß Stefan Same source
  5. One more card. The whole series consists of 6 cards. Extract from Schumacher/Dorsch: A. Paul Weber: Leben und Werk "...Weitere Kontakte folgten, so zum Verlag Fritz Würtz in Berlin-Steglitz, der ein Aquarell Webers (Blick auf Wilna) als Postkarte herausbrachte, und zum Verlag der Wanderschriften-Zentrale, Hellerau bei Dresden, der dem Gedankengut der Jugendbewegung nahe stand. Hier erschienen 1917 die drei sechsteiligen Postkartenserien (Anm. 056) „Deutsches Kriegsziel“, „Heil Stosstrupp“ und „Die deutsche Frau in der Heimarmee“ see http://www.weber-museum.de/bio_dor_schu/bio_dorsch_schu_01.html Gruß Stefan
  6. Jungnickel was in GR 101 the whole war. The action for his HoH-Awarding happened during the Gr0ße Schlacht in Frankreich at the end of march 1918. At that time he was a battallion cdr. in above regiment. PS: sent you a message. Gruß Stefan
  7. Here is a period newspaper article (in german only, I´m sorry) from 1914 about Veit and his unique medal combo in the German Army. It tells among other things that he received the the golden and silver turkish livesaving medal for rescuing drowning people two times in series! Gruß Stefan
  8. Hi. bought this photo of a saxon Hauptmann at the weekend. Clearly visible his shoulderboards with "178" or "179". Dedication reads: "z. Erinnerung an Wurzen August 1917" But his signature is still a misery for me. First I thougt Köhnecke but can´t find nobody on Ranklists or Roth. What are youre clues? Gruß Stefan
  9. He died 1903. Attached his entry from Verlohren This picture of him was sold a couple of years ago on ebay. Gruß Stefan
  10. Wiki isn´t correct. Attached a Scan of the saxon ranklist 1914. IR 139 was still a part of 24th Division, 47th brigade in 1914. It only switched the brigade. IR 133 and 134 formed 89th brigade / 40th. division till 1915. Then 89th brigade (IR 133, 139, 179) was transferred in Spring 1915 to 24th. Divison when the composition of german infantry divisions was changed into only one brigade of 3 regiments per division instead of 2 brigades of 2 regiments so far. So IR 139 was transferred into that brigade then as IR 134 left the brigade and became part of 88th. brigade (IR 104, 134, 181) /40th. Division. That´s correct. Gruß Stefan
  11. Tony, the regiment was part of the 24th (2nd saxon) Division Gruß Stefan
  12. Got some new cards . Publisher is Cross's Library Folkestone and artist signed Robbie. Anyone know who´s hiding behind him? Gruß Stefan
  13. Please take a look at the Dresdner Salonblatt . It included a lot of photographs of high ranking officers (Saxon mainly) in relative usable quality, see attachment. Also some useful background information. Another great strike of the Dresden State-Library! Gruß Stefan
  14. And here´s his medalbar from the Sammlung Siebentritt in 2002
  15. Dear Mrs. Kennedy-Corwin, I have a special interest in Lucas Kirsten as he was an exeptional phenomenon into the saxon army. If it´s in your interest I would like to get in touch with you very much and exchange infomations. For example, a friend of mine have 2 photos of his funeral ceremony in December 1917 in Bousbeque. Regards Stefan
  16. Nice french drawing from artist Caran d'Ache issued in Le Rire magazine, around 1902. Gruß Stefan
  17. They do and are still in use by the brandenburg Ministry of the Interior. Sorry but find no proper pictures of it. http://www.mik.brandenburg.de/media_fast/4055/Anfahrt MI.pdf http://www.erstes-garderegiment.de/indexalt.htm The monument itself was blewn up in 1946 as of order of the communist government. As a special act of humiliation it had to be done by former member s of the regiment. http://www.erstes-garderegiment.de/indexalt.htm Gruß Stefan
  18. Good morning. The artist is Kurt/Curt Ziegra, see the signature on the Epp-card. They were part of a series of 7 - 8 cards. Gru´Stefan
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