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  1. One is just later than the other it would seem. New manufacturer would have a new model number and mark, reject would be met with a slash through the maker mark. Heavier glaze application and a weary mold is what your looking at here. Post war molds were used but commercial pieces such as the candle holders is where you see the most material and process changes along with mold use. So what is generally inconsistant is changes in molds and availability of the pieces in order to take notice of such changes where rarer pieces do not allow such a view.
  2. This is a beauty in white and one of the pieces I like better unpainted. Congrats! Kris
  3. The candle holder itself is correct without a doubt, I have not seen any ground up Allach porcelain fakes in the form of figures or 3 dimensions that I can think of. Where else did you go when you were in Germany? Best, Kris
  4. Hi Basil, Its o.k to have that kind of opinion but with what we know of the firm its fairly easy to call that paint job non-Allach as its just terrible and not even close to what we see in regards to their paint work. So it is a story and the piece is what I am looking at. The idea that paint under glaze is o.k is not accurate and you cannot apply that to an authentication to be honest with you, it can be used on some pieces but not to counter what gos on today in the market. I was in Munich last year and visited the house as well as Dachau, interesting and it is posted as an unsafe stru
  5. Hello Basil, hope you are well and enjoying the holiday season!. I think this piece is at least the 2nd example I have seen and I have probably seen 3 of them like this but one may have been a double and there is a vase with a transfer as well. The porcelain itself is obviously correct but the paint is just awful and if this were in your hands it would actually be pretty easy to prove as after manufacture with some chemicals and a swab. I have not done it for obvious reasons but I have little doubt that I could take the paint right off that thing. They did make one for Waffen-SS but it w
  6. That piece is post war paint and nothing even close to Allach standards, have seen this done before and not the first example. No offense but would pass on that and run.
  7. Robin, I am curious what model that is and looks like a 56, never saw one with paint either. If you get time and looks like a neat piece. Best, Kris
  8. Robin, Maybe you can take better photos of this and I do not recall seeing it before. Best, Kris
  9. That is a fantasy piece and awful, should be no question on this piece really. K
  10. There is an issue of post war embellishments as far as colors go, its kind of tricky as there are rare exceptions. The color scheme pictured would certainly grab my attention if I saw it for close scrutiny. But? I dont think it really diminishes the value, I would not pay a premium for such a piece however. It is not ordinary for sure. Best, Kris
  11. The candle holder is Allach and an obvious Diebitsch design. I have seen it but not too common as candle holders go. The Rosenthal vase is a nice piece as well and have seen several floating around. Nice setup!. Best, Kris
  12. If anyone is interested. I am quite surprised at how much discussion both good and bad has gone on regarding this particular Vase. As I told the potential owner a few weeks ago, this Vase will bring a tremendous amount of scrutiny due to it's markings so if you like the Vase purchase it, but don't expect to sell it very easily because most people will stay clear of it. But that doesn't mean it is not authentic. Like most other pieces of Militaria (dagger, medal, etc.) that comes out of the woodwork and never before seen, there will always be suspicions of its authenticity. The top
  13. Paul, When the new pictures were sent out yesterday Dennis had recieved them and we did talk. He was going to comment yesterday or today but it has not come to fruition. I believe he may feel boxed in as the furor is being handled by myself and Mark Paul, both clients of his and not an enviable position. But I know his opinion and feel it is correct if that helps any. If I was not in it deep before I am certainly in deep now Best, Kris
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