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  1. Great FLL Bunt Flaks Guys! Only A Handful (it seems!) around! ERIC
  2. Sorry for the confusion Steve - the first is my badge and the second does indeed belong to you! ERIC
  3. Always a pleasure Johann! You have some beautiful pieces my friend! ERIC :cheers:
  4. Very nice Theodor! I don't recall seeing a cased 'wing' as you will, like that before. No doubt at all that it is from the Juncker factory, 1930's. Do you have any other other information about it? ERIC
  5. Sweet ROAG Darrell! I don't think I saw that one before! ERIC
  6. Gee, that bird seems to have a little bit of many different makers meshed together, doesn't it! :o
  7. Both very nice original cases. I believe the Pilot case is early wartime - ERIC
  8. Goes well with my, for lack of a better word, 'rarer', Juncker 3rd Pattern with the Navy style wide pin with flatwire catch! On the lookout for a 3rd pattern roundwire now!! :speechless:
  9. "Back in the saddle again.. " My latest addition - a relatively 'rare' unmarked 3rd Pattern Juncker Flak in zinc with the flatwire style catch/catchplate. The 3rd is the least encountered pattern of the Juncker series of Flak Badges and is always found in zinc with no hole at the base of the guns' breach. Presenting......
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