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  1. These are earlier copies. However, they do have a few dead giveaways...scabbards, blades and very poor swastikas among some other items. I agree that a simple internet search will reveal some real ones that you can compare these to. Good luck.
  2. I'm amazed at what has survived. These are awesome and valuable to the collector.
  3. Amazing work. You really capture the mood of the moment. The diorama of the Sherman with the destroyed train engine is a piece of art.
  4. Whew. Hope you did not pay for that thing. Knowledge is what we are all here for and I hope you learned a little somthing here. Good Luck.
  5. Agreed that we would find this eagle defunt of everything we consider genuine. Well, we are human and are wrong sometimes and it can either cost us money or give us a valuable piece to our collection. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Looks fibre to me. Really odd. Maybe it was a comfort thing. Combat helmets were heavy and I suppose he was used to wearing a field cap most of the time. Really nice pic by the way.
  7. Good room you have there. Now I know what to do with my Dragon figures that are holding court in a box in my attic. Looks like you need a big lounger.
  8. Hello all. I have a few mint unissued rank pips that a member of another forum wishes to trade/purchase. Problem is that I have clue as to the of the pips. He needs them to complete a uniform and I would like for him to do so but I would like somthing in return. They are the large 15mm pips and are marked on the reverse. Thanks in advance. Would post a picture but says file is too large. Have to figure this out eventually.
  9. OK gentlemen I have a question about a KNK2 w/ swords....I picked one of these up over the weekend for fairly cheap. I have others and this one is slightly different compared to the others. The 1939 on the obverse is different and the swastika looks a little different as well. Everything else looks good including the edges and the ring etc. It has original old ribbon with scrapbook glue on back. My question is this....does anyone have any pictures of fake KVK2's? As with EK2's, were there different makers with slightly different styles? I know pictures would be great....I have a new sca
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