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  1. Volovonok, All looks ligit to me. This sword was made in Germany, probably in Solingen for export to other nations. In some of the German forums these pieces are discussed from time to time, especially when they bear German regimental markings. At the outbreak of WW1 some of these were still in German factories, were confiscated and then used to equip German troops. Best wishes, Peter
  2. Thank you Glenn, That's what I was looking for and your help is much appreciated. Best wishes, Peter
  3. Hi, Does anyone know where to find a list of honorary Colonels-in-Chief in the British Army before WWI? I get the impression that it was far more common in the Victorian and Edwardian Army to award this position to foreign princes and sovereigns but I would like to be able to evidence this. Many thanks in advance! Peter
  4. Great sword with research and loads of history! To make it perfect you might want to consider changing the sword knot to a leather one that matches the sword knots worn at the time of presentation. Greetings from London!
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