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  1. Hello Again Prem, Can you tell me their names in Polish? That would help me a lot. Thanks. Linas
  2. Greetings All. I am a collector and a seller. I have an opportunity to buy several Polish regimental badges on an auction. I though do not know if they are authentic. I also would like to identify them. All of them have their rear screws, but none have their nuts. Is this enough to decide authenticity? I would love your opinion. Also if you could help me ID them, that would be great. Thanks, Linas
  3. Hello everyone. I am both a collector and eBay seller. I just bought a medal from an auction in Europe. It is supposedly and exceptionally Rare Romania King Carol II In Exile Cross Of Honor For Merit Breast Star + Crown. Please see photo. Below is what the description stated: "2nd Class with Crown (for Special Awards) by "Da Costa, Lisboa". Breast Star, 58x47 mm, gilt Metal, medallion and crown on the top enameled, thin pin on reverse. Very rare order and interesting special design for exceptional merits, of the period of exile of King Carol II! Extremely fine condition. I RR! "
  4. Hello everyone. I am a collector and a seller. I just received this pair of Imperial Germany Medical Shoulder Boards (see photos). One of them is missing a 'pip'. Can you tell me anything about them, like exact service, rank, time period, rarity, and anything else of interest? Thank you. Linas
  5. Thanks a ton Antonio!! Linas
  6. Hello. I am a collector and an eBay Seller. I just bought a side bag I believe is Spanish. Can you please take a look at the photos and help me identify it? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Linas
  7. Hello, I buy and sell militaria. Right now I have the opportunity to buy what I think is a WW2-era Japanese Imperial Merit Order. Can you please take a look at the photos below and help me identify it? As well let me know if it is rare or common? I greatly appreciate any assistance. Thanks. Linas
  8. Hello. I am a seller of militaria. I specialize in French items, but am interested in militaria from all over the world. I have an opportunity to buy a helmet on a local auction in Poland. The seller says it is an original Polish Armed Forces Helmet in the West United Kingdom MKII 1942 issue. If you know about this type of items, can you please take a look at the photos I provide? Again, I am asking because I resell. The seller of this helmet is asking a significant sum and I do not want to pay if it is not original. Thank you. Linas
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