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  1. Hello, I buy and sell militaria. Right now I have the opportunity to buy what I think is a WW2-era Japanese Imperial Merit Order. Can you please take a look at the photos below and help me identify it? As well let me know if it is rare or common? I greatly appreciate any assistance. Thanks. Linas
  2. Hello. I am a seller of militaria. I specialize in French items, but am interested in militaria from all over the world. I have an opportunity to buy a helmet on a local auction in Poland. The seller says it is an original Polish Armed Forces Helmet in the West United Kingdom MKII 1942 issue. If you know about this type of items, can you please take a look at the photos I provide? Again, I am asking because I resell. The seller of this helmet is asking a significant sum and I do not want to pay if it is not original. Thank you. Linas
  3. Yes, I am an eBay seller. I source things from all over the world. My expertise is French medals and insignias. But I am interested in all militaria. Linas
  4. Hello. Can you identify this RAF badge? Thanks. Linas
  5. Hello. Can you identify this badge? I think it is Austrian, but may be German. All input welcome. Thanks. Linas
  6. Thanks for the info Bayern. Any idea when it started being produced? Linas
  7. Thank you Antonio. Linas Antonio - what is a Rigger?
  8. Hello. Please see the photo. Are these Spanish wings? If so, do you know the era? Thanks. Linas
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