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  1. Good evening Gents I am looking or opinions on this patch, I picked it up today from a well known dealer in Delaware, USA area. It Looks good, it smells good, but i am not 100% that it is good!. any help? thanks! [attachmentid=18133]
  2. I have around 60-70 mixed buttons in a zip lock back.. i have had them a while now, some are staybrite, some are old one ot two of then hace screw back threads. I want to get rid of them. I have no idea of values if any? - or even what they are, i got them in a auction lot heres a few scans of a couple of them
  3. heres another one of weird Items, this is hard board with a red cloth cover with a gold adler embossed onto the cover. The pages are fixed to the insde of the cover and there is a slot on the back section for other papers to be inserted. Opinions?
  4. I have never seen on e of those before, i have the award certs for all 3 grades and the folders they came in.. but thats a first for me. if you ever wish to part with it....
  5. Thanks for your input Rick. The main sig actully looks likes it printed on. The weired long "s" thing next to it is in pencil as is the exclimation mark after the sig. Here is a scan of the rear
  6. I cannot see a generic sub forum to post this on so i shall out it here this is a document approving a former 3rd reich policeman to keep peacekeeping duties while under occupation. what makes this special is the two stamps!! - I had never seen one of these until i snagged this enjoy
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