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  1. I have an update from the other site(WAF). Simpsons was a Canadian outfitter and his name is spelled Lefebvre, which evidently is common in Canada. Gary
  2. Sure, it's a standard British officer's four button tunic with General Service buttons and the India theatreShield shaped patch with red on top, black on the bottom with an embroidered star in the middle) patches on both sleeves. Has Colonels rank and you can see his progression through the ranks. The tunic is manufactured by Simpsons Military Outfitters and the name on the inner pocket label is LEFEBURE, Order No. 5335-204 I believe(the lettering is faded pretty far) and the date appears to be 2/14/42. The collar insignia is a wreath with the Kings Crown at the top and the letters GRI I
  3. I have not been able to resize the pictures down to fit but I posted them on the wehrmacht awards list here www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1663582&posted=1#post1663582. Hopefully this will help. The spelling appears correct though. Many thanks for the info so far. Gary
  4. Hi gents, I need info and hopefully some pictures on a Col. Lefebure. Supposedly he was on Mountbattens staff in India. Many thanks for any help you can send. Cheers! Gary
  5. Actually the biggest problems for the Tigers wad maintanence! One heavy tank company started a raod march in Italy with 16 tanks and after a distance of 75 kilometers arrived with one operational. That is just piss poor! Gary
  6. Hi Pat, Email me at garycain1961@yahoo.com and i will send you pics of what I have. Cheers! Gary
  7. Bob is 100% correct, the Germans produced 18,000 tanks (give or take) of all types from 1939 to 1945, whereas the Russians produced 55,000 T-34s alone. The US produced 51,000 Shermans. In short we buried them under material! Gary
  8. Vey nice set indeed. i probably have a cap badge if you need it. Cheers Gary
  9. Hi Rick, I have to say I don't much like the metal brevet so won't make a guess on that one. The cloth on the other hand looks peachy and would easily fetch 350-450USD. Cheers Gary
  10. I would contact Holland and Holland themselves. They would love to help with a project like that. I don't think you would want to pay for their work but they would certainly be very helpful with any information you would need. Cheers Gary
  11. Christopher Shores wrote a book several years ago called "Fighters Over Tunesia" I have a copy of it but it is currently burried in my storage room till I can get my library built or i would look it up for you. You can find the book for sale but the cost is very high. I paid 250 USD for mine about 5 years ago. Gary
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