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  1. Anyone any thoughts on the uniform itself?
  2. Haha fair enough! Anyone any thoughts on the uniform? I don't recognise the style, it strikes me as potentially being a court/diplomatic uniform, though the dramatically draped cloak is quite militaristic...
  3. The only order I can even find that has six arms is the Tuscan/Würzburg Order of Saint Joseph, but many of its other features don't match either.
  4. I can see what you mean, but to have both the wrong number of arms and to be missing the wreath seems like two big mistakes to make? His uniform doesn't strike me as Bavarian, but then the order could expressely be awarded to foreigners too. Would be keen to get more opinions before committing to that theory though.
  5. Apologies if this is the wrong subforum, but unfortunately I know so little about this little portrait that I'm going with the approximate period of the uniform. Is anyone able to identify any features of it? I'm thinking especially the two orders. There's no background info to provide, other than that I came across it in an Italian house (it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with Italy). Any help appreciated!
  6. Looks ok; I'll guess you don't have the case, which is a shame. Apart from the rust and tarnish which I would be careful about cleaning (well, you probably know that), it's relatively well preserved.
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