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  1. Hi I just add this one to my collect. What the name of the manufacter? Is it an original silver one? This badge belonged to Erwin Scheufler, a U-463 and U-230 crew member. More about the grouping here: http://atlantikpirat...topic.php?t=272 Regards Ben
  2. :beer: Very nice items, i like all these kind of u-boat relics. The dive alarm is wonderful, i remember to bid on it several month ago!!! Regards Ben
  3. :blush: My Dream!!! Wonderful collect. Regards Ben from Cherbourg.
  4. :rolleyes: Very nice item, i tried to buy it!!! But too late!!! I think it's a gift for a member of the 9 U-Flottille Staff in Brest. IMO This kind of item was made by the Kreigsmarinewerft workers. Regards Ben
  5. :cheers: Hi Gordon Thanks a lot for info. Regards Ben from Cherbourg
  6. :whistle: I would like to know the maker of this u-boat badge. My 'Torpedo los" book is with a friend!!! Regards Ben
  7. :D I was in the U-Boote Archivs last month, i found the following emblem in the museum. The mystery seems solved, this emblem is a unknown emblem from the U-105. The U-105 was a Lorient U-boot. Regards Ben
  8. Hi Eric Yes, i have several tiles from the same place!!! It's the only one without any info!!! Regards Ben
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