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  1. I'm an aircraft engineer, and I can tell you that WD-40 is NOT used on aircraft as it promotes corrosion! cheers, Rik
  2. Try the book Germn military cufftitles 1874-present ISBN 0-912138-74-2 cheers, Rik
  3. Just thought I would set this up and see how it goes. I saw a lot of bumper stickers recently in the States "supporting the troops" thought I would give it a go. If I actually make any money!!!! I will donate a hefty proportion to the RAF benevolent fund Cheers, Rik http://www.cafepress.com/riksters
  4. The Bundeswehr (That is Heer,Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine) is not a PURELY conscript army, it has a great many "regular" troops the conscripts make up a small low end contribution. On a personal note I think its a bloody good idea. Cheers, Rikster
  5. calling all WWII Soviet Expertski, Is this good? Cheers, Rik
  6. Here is a good article on the gib CT http://www.kaisersbunker.com/gibraltar/
  7. Not an award as such, but just thought it may be of interest Cheers, Rik
  8. The award did exist as a 1957 award, look here. http://www.panzergirl.com/miscpage2.html I hope this does not constitute a shameless plug! Cheers, Rik
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