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  1. Que?? Not sure what your point is. the fact is that the publication of the book was planned and subsequently printed well before the weakening of the pound sterling. It was set at 85 pounds sterling which by any standards is not an insignificant amount for a book whichever way you look at it. V
  2. Chris Actually I disagree. If you look at the inside back cover of the dustwrapper the price stated is 85 pounds sterling and has nothing to do with the exchange rate! Vespasian
  3. James Don't know if you bought the book after all but like you I have a view on the quality of binding etc.. I obtained a copy when I was in India recently at 6000 rupees which given the exchange rate is around ?85. The book is excellent and the binding etc.. above the Indian average. However I have 4 pages which were overprinted rendering them unreadable. I have asked for replacement pages which I will have to paste in; surely something one should not have to do given the price. I think it is a fairly unique book and hence sort of worth the price. I do think think though it is overpriced. Th
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