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  1. Hi, Does anyone knows the difference between an Ortskommandant and a Platzmajor? Regards, Cnock
  2. Hello, I would like to have more info concerning following Ortskommandanten, although in sector Marinekorps I believe they belonged to the Army Ortskommandantur Westkapelle: Leutnant von BLOEDAU Leutnant BARDENHEUER (1916) Rittmeister BASSERMANN (1915) Thanks and regards, Cnock
  3. Hi, I am looking for more info concerning Hauptmann Böhmer, commander of FA(A) 213 ar Menen or Menin (Flanders), no other info I would like to know his military carreer, where born and where he lived after the war. Regards, Cnock
  4. Hi, Leutnant Konrad Burmeister was kia when he tried to infiltrate in Sanctuary Wood (near Menin Road), the wood was still ocupied by the British He is buried now at Menen German Mil Cem, Regards, Cnock
  5. Hi, caption 'Vor Ypern - Herbst 1916' ( Menin road sector?) Regards, Cnock
  6. Hallo Stephan, they could have been at St. Eloi? I have several pics of IR 415 with positions in large mine craters Regards, Cnock
  7. Daniel, Thank You for the info, as I asked for any info, I am already glad to have his christian name, and year of birth an death. Regards, Cnock
  8. Hello, I am looking for any info about Major Wasserfall - IR 172 Regards, Cnock
  9. Hello Rick, my source : die Geschichte des 3.Ober-Els?ssischen I.R. 172 BURMEISTER was indeed killed on 11/5/1915 He is buried at Menen German Mil Cem, date of death on hs grave also 11/5/1915 Hooge was near Sanctuary Wood where he was killed, trying to infiltrate in the wood on 11/5/1915. In 1915 several offciers of other regiments were posted with IR 172 ( even from the Guards) Regards, Cnock Regards, Cnock
  10. Hello, I am looking for more info (date of birth, career, etc) concerning Oberleutnant Konrad BURMEISTER - IR 172 kia 11/5/1915 Regards, Cnock
  11. Chip, Guess You are right about the launcher. Will investigate it further Regards, Cnock
  12. Minenwerfer Kompagnie 165 attached to the Marinekorps Shown are 7,6 cm light MW AND 17 cm medium MW projectiles and Minenkorben Regards, Cnock
  13. Hi Rick, I am looking for exact frontline locations, rest area, and regimental and divisional HQ. Regards, Cnock
  14. Hi Jens, Thanks I know this site ( a fiend of mine) I am looking for more specific an detailed info Regards, Cnock
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