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  1. Thanks guys. I like the pics of the three guys with crabs. I note that two of them have Afghanistan awards as well.
  2. Here are his award cards, citation for the award, and a photo of Grizun with comrades at Bagram. He's the 4th from the right in the back row.
  3. Order For Service to the Homeland 3rd Class #35492 was awarded to Senior Technical Lieutenant Vladimir Alekseevich Grizun for service in Afghanistan in 1981-1982. He served with the 262nd Independent Helicopter Squadron (Mi-24's). He participated in 198 combat missions during which 32 strongpoints, 45 rebel fortresses, 4 units of ANC, 8 Islamic Committees, and 296 rebels were destroyed. Doug
  4. Gosh, I started this post that long ago? Rick, it's good to see you still here holding down the fort. Doug
  5. Hi All, I haven't posted in a long time because, with prices as they have been, I haven't added to the collection. This changed a couple of weeks ago when I found a nice little group containing Red Star 1371393 and Red Banner 359294 at a good old days price. The book is dated October 13, 1945 and the first award is the Red Star. Both awards and the book are mint. Everything about this group says long service to me. Before I research it, what do you guys think? All the best, Doug
  6. Congratulations to Dave for a great article in the new JOMSA! Thanks for a fun and interesting read. Doug
  7. Thanks for the help! Fur Treuen Dienst in Zwei Feldzugen. What approximate era is this from?
  8. Here's a pic of the reverse. I need to spend more time with my image software. Thanks again for all the help with this. Doug
  9. Here is the bar. I'm still experimenting with a new scanner so this might not be too good.
  10. Thanks for the replies. The Iron Cross is the 1914 issue. The long service cross is XV which threw me off a bit as I would have assumed this guy would have had more service. The 30 November medal does indeed have a lion on the front. Is this bar worth $500 US? All the best, Doug
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