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  1. I personally know a TORNADO Pilot who flew over the flood area to take some RECCE pictures and he got the medal too...........
  2. Hello again, after some years of Absence ist nice to be back again. My father served in the GMSA. He was a OLtzS and served as first watch officer on the Tender "Jagd" out of Cuxhaven until 1947. I will try to post some Pictures. regards Juergen it is interesting to note, that the officers continued to wear their KM Uniform , without the insignia on the cap and on the jacket. regards Juergen
  3. All about my grandfathers has been researched by the excellent members of this site. http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/topic/23595-reserveoffizier-dr-carl-meyer/page__hl__%20dr.%20%20ing%20%20carl%20%20meyer
  4. the crown is awarded after the second participation and the DSB is there (Gold with 10 repetitions)
  5. grandfather served in Gardegrenadierregiment zu Fuss nr 5
  6. yes gordon, i toook part in 1992 and 2007 cheers juergen
  7. Gentlemen, here is my family collection. My Grandfathers, my fathers and my humble one. WW1 WW2 and gladly only cold war.
  8. everybody can get this medal. it is the only one approved by the Bundespräsident and therefore can be worn on uniform. the conditions are 5 different sports achievements. not very easy.though.you can find them under "Bedingungen für Deutsches Sportabzeichen" google and then start your workout.
  9. hi, you are right, I skipped the FEDERALLY. and my son was in officers boot camp in Ploen at the time and his company was at the river oder for 4 days hauling sandsacks to the dykes. it worked. and yes off course I am proud. regards juergen
  10. no it is not. there was the flutmedaille 1962 which was awarded by three states, Hamburg, Bremen, Schleswig-Holstein.
  11. http://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_01_2012/post-3881-0-68212500-1326813723.jpghere is my son. he wears it on the dress uniform
  12. Gentlemen, if I am not mustaken there was an outpost of the Allach porcelain manufacture in Bohemia. from them I have a Cup which was in use at the SS Barracks in Obersalzberg. take a look.
  13. It certainly is Maschinenobergefreiter Otto Müller. there were 2 Otto Müller, MaschOGefr. one on U 211 the other on U 540. Both perished when their boats were sunk. regards Juergen
  14. These are the Officers of the Reichsmarine Torpedoboots Halbflottille in 1927. among them quite a few names to become better known after 1939 like Schmundt, Bonte who fell at Narvik,, Henigst or Johanneson who was the first Flottenchef of the new Bundesmarine 1957, regards Juergen
  15. Here is KptLt Panknin, LI of the UBootwaffe, an unknown lady and my father. I just found the foto in the family archive. i.e. cigar box regards Juergen
  16. Kapitän zur See Hans Henigst was my uncke. I knew him well and here s a picture of him http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=23847&st=0&p=226083&hl=Henigst&fromsearch=1&#entry226083
  17. hi Chris, you are propably right cheerss
  18. http://wapedia.mobi/de/Deutschland_(Handels-U-Boot) here is the correct one
  19. http://wapedia.mobi/de/Deutschland_(Handels-U-Boot) Hi Chris, I think it is for the German Merchant Submarine "Deutschland" regards Juergen
  20. Hi, here is my father (Crew XII 39) in 1942 as Oberfähnrich zur See wearing his EK s and the destroyer badge. To my knowledge he was the only ACTIVE (not reserve or come up thru the ranks) Oberfähnrich zur See to get the EK I and EK II at the same time regards Juergen
  21. Hi, please allow me to post a question concerning my grandfather Dr. ing Carl Meyer- As he and my father are long gone, the family insists that my grandfather while as an architect helped to construct the Edertalsperre near Waldeck received an order from Waldeck, something like Verdienstkreuz 4 Klasse around the turn of the century. Can anyone (Rick Research hero) enlighten me. thanks for all Juergen
  22. looks prety authentic to me. the inscript means Fliegerhorst Holtenau which is airbase Holtenau which is the airfield of Kiel on the baltic sea. still in use today as the home of the German naval air wing 5 (SeaKing helos) regards Juergen
  23. 1. Flugmelde is Aircraft reporting 2. mot is motorized SKL is Seekriegsleitung Navy High Comand Wachgänger is Guard Wachleiter is in Charge of guards 4. Lehrgangsteilnehmer is Course participant 5. Funkgastenschüler is Radiomans student regards Juergen
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