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  1. no discomfort with this one except condition and the ring not being original to the piece. it is a legitimate 1914 EK 2. joe
  2. no, you would not be a bad person... the bad person is the IDIOT who propagated this atrocity. joe
  3. DUDE.... that's BEYOND sexy.... and in the phaleristic version of satin sheets no less joe
  4. ummmm... i can be very good too.... if she's thinking about adoption, i really like EK's and could be persuaded to wait for february Christmas presents..... seriously, what a NICE gift! joe
  5. i have no idea who the well known dealer is, but what incredibly bad taste to split up a convolut such as this..... joe
  6. you must have a most impressive collection of PH's! love this one with the doc. how many of them do you have, and has your wife kicked you out yet??? joe
  7. thanks,pete! with the topic being GD, i thought it might be, but it was hard to make that out!! joe
  8. i don't recognize the cuff title on the right sleeve - help? sorry willi couldn't remember that 4th name.... joe
  9. the daughter looks to be a bit of a hard-ass.... don't know if that's a comfort, but that's my take. joe
  10. my understanding is that there were at least a dozen different manufacturers of this piece, and lots of variations to the 25 year oaks. don't have any opinion other than there are so many of them that if you are not comfy with it, i'd leave it alone... joe
  11. mistakes in IT1 are corected. numerous new pieces in IT2, with text essentially the same. i have, and enjoy, both editions. joe
  12. an absolute stunner of a cross! i love the locking system, even if it does seem a bit overkill. i've not seen this variation before, but suspect it is probably attributable to one jeweller. you've got a charmer there! joe
  13. another impressive effort!!! i did loads of tanks and airplanes as a young'un... my sons and i visited the USS North Carolina when they were much younger and i followed up with a model of that wonderful ship... maybe it's time to get back to it.... always interested in you next effort! joe
  14. nice cross and ribbon bar! no question of originality, and very nice character. joe
  15. very nice piece, and one of the reasons i have such an affection for imperial era - lots of beautiful non-regulation items. these were simply and beautifully made and accessible to many veterans at probably not a huge cost. joe
  16. great photo!! how did you come by this one, and any idea of its' age (other than southwest africa campaign?) joe
  17. what a phenomenal list of swords!! what a phenomenal stab in the gut for the owner. what a phenomenal P.O.S. the perpetrator is... truly hoping the owner gets these back. please keep us informed. joe
  18. what a NICE tour of your latest project. your improvisation has paid off in spades! enjoying this from afar joe
  19. thanks for the link. an impressive man both for his acts of bravery and for his humility. seems to be a common thread in that generation. RIP+ joe
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