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  1. Thanks Erickn! Got it from GCA and it came with a nice Godet -cross. Can it be told when it´s made? During the war or later? /peter
  2. Got this case recently and would like some opinions! Thanks! /peter
  3. Gordon...thanks! Have you seen a cross w/o swords with the flaws showing on some of the crosses w/ swords? ...with stripped eyeholder... And...was there any Rkkvk found in the so called "Deschler horde"? If so...with or without flaws?! /Peter
  4. Got some wonderings about the flaws on the Rk des Kvk. The flaw on the svastika, is this expected on every cross w/o swords and what about the crosses w/ swords? With different dies there should be genuine crosses without this flaw! (picture below taken from another post on GMIC.) The other flaws, "3" and on the outher arm, 6 o´clock. There are two dies...one without the flaws and the other (later) with flaws? These flaws would be expected on both crosses!? /peter
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