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  1. COL Boik's "Orders, Decorations, and Medals of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea" (DBM Press) provides an excellent source of information on North Korean awards. It also has an appendix in the back giving estimated values for each. You can find it at www.dprkmedals.com Also beware that both good and poor copies some of the more expensive DPRK orders are starting to show up on the market.
  2. DBM Press, LC has just published "Orders, Decorations, and Medals of the Russian Federation since 1991". It includes six 17" x 23" quality color posters showing all official Russian Federation Medals and is limited to just 780 numbered copies. There are separate color posters for the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Russian Intelligence and Security Services awards. An excellent source of information on Russian Federation awards at a very reasonable price. You can find it at: www.RussianFederationMedals.com They ship worldwide.
  3. Just a reminder that we are offering wholesale pricing for quantity orders. From 40-50% off list price depending on quantity. Contact us at dbmpress@yahoo.com or check out our website at www.NorthKoreanMedals.com
  4. Hi Christophe You should be receiving it this week. The signed copies were mailed out last Monday. Best Wishes Bill
  5. I have good news for those of you waiting on the signed-limited edition. The slipcases are in - they look great - and we are getting the orders mailed out. You should receive it next week (in US) and week after (overseas). Best Wishes Bill
  6. Hi Christophe They are still working the slipcases. Appears to be taking more time than they planned. I will say that the limited editions will be worth the wait. Hopefully, we'll have them in the next few days. Bill
  7. Just a quick note. We are offering wholesale pricing to dealers for quantity orders. As much as 50% off the list price. Just click on the dealer link at the bottom of the website. http://www.NorthKoreanMedals.com We would like to work with a couple dealers who will be attending some of the upcoming shows this year. Bill
  8. Just a quick note - we mailed out all of the pre-ordered regular editions of the ODM of DPRK last week. We are waiting on the slipcases to mail out the limited editions. We expect to have the slipcases this week. Thank you for your support
  9. Just an short update on the status of the book for everyone. We had a few production issues with the printer. These have since been resolved and we think everyone will be very pleased with the final product. The printer has given us a delivery date of not later than April 29, 2008. As such, we have decided to extend the pre-publication offer until April 30th. Thank you again. Bill
  10. There is an exceptional new book on North Korean Orders, Decorations and Medals. All medals are shown in color. See it at www.dbmpress.com
  11. Does anyone know the actual title of this order and a translation of the wording on the front and back. I would also appreciate any background on what it is awarded for. Thanks
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