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  1. After a quick look, all 3 medals certainly look genuine with nice patina. The 1916 medal also has the older and thiner top suspender bar but a rather tatty ribbon. I personally don't mind if ribbons are tatty as it adds a bit of personality and originality. Pity the seller hasn't used the word 'Irish' in the item heading as it would attract more bidders who search for Irish Medals. €8000......interesting starting price! too high maybe?
  2. Hello tommobecket and welcome to the forum, Sadly i cannot add further research to what Irish1916 has already told you about the medals etc. However what you have already is an amazing history of Denis Byrne. I am sure there are many collectors and families who don't have half the information you have on their medals, well done for your research and hard work. Could his name have been spelt in the Irish language as Donnacha O'Broin? Did he ever live overseas, UK or USA? this might explain why he never applied for the pension until 1935. I have never (to date) seen a pension file or applic
  3. In 2003 i visited the old museum in Collins Barracks in Cork city. They have maybe 15 of the M27 helmets on display of various colours and some with original front mounted badge. I think one of the historians there might be able to give you further information. The museum has moved to a new location in the Barracks and i think you still need to view by appointment only. I spoke to 2 people one being Gerry White, the barracks number is: 021 4514000. Perhaps one of the most incredible items that was on display was the Comrac medal postumously awarded to Michael Collins.
  4. Good luck with your exhibition and well done for your efforts...i hope it is a success and raises awareneess to the redevelopment of Moore Street. Have you contacted RTE or TV3 to get some media coverage? a great way of getting the public support behind you.
  5. Hello, You have a 26th Battalion medal, the 26U was mainly made up of Old-IRA volunteers during the Emergency Period. It is definately a genuine medal and ribbon especially with the makers mark 'QUINN' on the back of the pin. Prices of these medals fluctuate like most Irish medals these days. If you are wanting to get a decent price for it then eBay is probably best. If selling privately then ask for 200EURO, it will be attractive to the buyer and should sell quickly. Again irish medal prices have dived considerably in recent times, whether down to the economic change or the lack collector
  6. If you are refering to original 1916 and War of Independence medals then i am afraid your information is incorrect. Those medals were not made in England but by the Jewelry & Metal Manufactoring Company and later by Quinn & Company both Dublin based makers. Indeed there were 10 batches of War of Independence medals made between 1941 and 1957 and 3 batches of 1916 medals made between 1941 and 1952 - all this information readily available online through various Oireachtas, D?il, Seanad, and Parliamentary Committee debates. The postumously awarded medals do have very smooth engraving sim
  7. Megan, The medals look in excellent condition, especially the ribbon and they do look the genuine items. www.irishmedals.com
  8. Have you any thoughts on who or how are the medals being faked? Over the past 10 years we've seen fakes from Australia which were very poor quality, medals in frames that are correctly advertised as repro, there is also a genuine seller from Cork selling repro medals and advertises them as such. Can you give more details on the fakes from N.I and the quality of them.
  9. I'm afraid it is only the matter of time before top quality fake medals are produced. Even now on Ebay we see named/numbered engraving on the reverse of Irish medals, the font is perfect just like the originals because lazer engraving machines can replicate old fonts perfectly. If people can fake ornate and decorative medals from the likes of England, France and USA then doing an Irish 1916 or 1921 would be easy as they are of simple design and makeup. Dipped in acid and they will have an aged patina. Sooner, rather than later prefect fakes will be in the marketplace and unfortunate buyers wi
  10. One thing is for sure, there won't be any cheap bargains to be had at the North Star Hotel show....those days are well and truely gone.
  11. Paul, i do agree. I've seen silver pieces made by (if i remember correctly) William Egan & Sons a silversmith in Cork and they were of a high quality and workmanship. I believe the majority were made by both Egan of Cork and a Dublin jeweller, i've information on the makers somewhere in my papers but not at hand. I'm wary of something with no detailed photographs and especially without hallmarks which are required my law on any piece of silver and gold in UK and Ireland. The medal is also quite crudely inscribed and not the most attractive medal i've seen. Certainly looks genuine but wh
  12. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/IRISH-MEDALS_W0QQite...id=p3286.c0.m14 Gentlemen, Does anyone have any thoughts on the above auction? I always believed the solid gold badge was as rare as hens teeth with only 1 or 2 known of, one believed to belong to Countess Markiewicz. Were any of the Cumann na mBan badges, either in gold or silver, hallmarked by Dublin or Cork jewellers?
  13. I have no doubt the seller of the fakes medals on ebay is an honest and decent bloke. He is based in Cork and i have bought original medals from him and sold to him original medals back in 2002 and his collection of German militaria is excellent. He does sell repro but ALWAYS sells as that never says it is original. I am sure most of the items come from Pakistan as they will make almost anything and cheaply. Several companies email me regulary asking if i want items made such as medals and badges.
  14. My thoughts are also that it is a commemorative medal with no real historical significance. The posting of 'bawn' has a certain air of probability to it. If it had belonged to someone who took an active role in the planning and execution of the Easter Rising then it might be worth the price of ?9,800 + fees. That was alot to pay for an unknown and unresearched item with no evidence of provenance. Had it been a medal for 'special favours' then i believe it would have been inscribed to the recipient from whoever acquired it and maybe for why it was given. A 'sleeper' ??? never heard of those be
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