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    WWII Luftwaffe Items is my main focus and it will stay as such for a long time. It was sparked by a ground combatants grouping I got here during the summer. I got the mans patches, K98 and bayo and am looking to expand this with other items.

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  1. Thanks Paul, that is why I scooped them up very quickly LOL. Im used to paying about $50 for one. All the best, Jonathan
  2. Picked these up after I finished my short term collecting goal for only $35 a piece . All the best, Jonathan
  3. I'll have to take your word on it, I was told it was a Juncker by the seller but I mislabeled it here as an Assmann (I dont know what was running through my head). My apologies , could someone post pictures in comparison? TIA and all the best, Jonathan
  4. As of yesterday afternoon, I have completed my short term Luftwaffe collecting goal, even though I picked up a good bit of items extra along the way my short term goal was this, to have a FJ, Pilots, RO/AG, and Flak badge along with a portrait photo of those pieces in wear. Im by no means ending my collecting I am just happy to have met my short term goal . All the best, Jonathan http://jnsluftwaffecollection.weebly.com/w...ted-092708.html
  5. Thank you gents very much! I have an unmarked Mid-Late War Assman para badge on its way to me now that I should have by Saturday or so and will definitely post here . All the best, Jonathan
  6. Im so excited at this piece! Its an unmarked FFL Mid/Late War Zinc Pilots Badge. I cant wait till I get my real FJ badge as after that my short term collecting goal will be complete! Im so excited . All the best, Jonathan http://jnsluftwaffecollection.weebly.com/w...ted-092408.html P.S. Sorry its a link to my website but I couldnt get the shots down to any sort of acceptable size (110kb is really small for showing off the details of this badge.)
  7. What happens to it with cats? Great Rick now you have me freaking out LoL. All the best, Jonathan
  8. Thank you very much Rick! My friend Chris also warned me to the dangers of the stuffing that is in these puppies, he said his museum conservator friend recommends plain old fleece, (with no additives etc) as it repels moisture, doesnt release the harmful chemicals your describing etc. Thanks for the heads up! Its a shame you had to learn this the hard way but its a great asset to me to be able to learn from the mistakes. All the best, Jonathan
  9. Wow heckuva a title heh? Say it 5 times fast . Anyways since it appears my little side love from Luftwaffe items are East Front Medals I was curious where I can get one of those nice display frames you guys show? Where it has foam on the inside so you can just pin the lid over it? TIA and all the best, Jonathan P.S. whats the name of them?
  10. Very nice Paul! Ive yet to add anything HG to my collection but one lone photo but that time will come at some point! All the best, Jonathan
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