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  1. Hi Paul, Yes I agree about the catch. It's listed on Oakleaf Militaria for $500. Only the two photos are shown. The front looks very convincing. The ribbons and devices could very well be original. Regards, AB.
  2. Thanks John for your reply. I had a read through Rick's great article on ribbon bars and yes It seems to be a 90's fake. Red cloth backing with the flat catch are enough red flags for me. An in-hand inspection would confirm it but that's not necessary. It is one of the better fake 3 place NSDAP bars out there but Rick has explained how to spot them perfectly. Regards, AB.
  3. Gents, Would appreciate your thoughts on this 25yr NSDAP ribbon bar. These are the only photos available. The 25yr device looks to me to be bronze or has it just darkened. Regards, AB.
  4. has not set their status

  5. Rick, I totally agree with your humble statement. That's why I've posted the question only on this forum. Everything in his collection is for sale.........for a price. Regards, AB.
  6. I've had this ribbon bar in my hand a few weeks ago and although my knowledge of ribbon bars is limited I couldn't see any red flags with it except of course the matter of which I have raised. It is owned by one of the few very highly knowledgeable dealers, IMO the most knowledgeable. However he is human and I'm sure he has been wrong in the past. I just can't imagine he would have it in his collection if he wasn't 100% sure of its originality. It is for sale for a very large amount. Next is to take some photos of it which I hope to do in 4-5 weeks. Regards, AB.
  7. Gentlemen, Question please. Under what circumstances, if any, would you accept a 7 place ribbon bar with a Blood Order ribbon & device (3rd place) followed by two SS devices. 1st gold then silver, both embroided. 6th place is 25 year NSDAP device only. No 15 or 10 year following. It's my understanding that the Blood Order was not authorized for wear on a ribbon bar as was two SS devices. However, is it possible for a genuine ribbon bar with these devices to exsist even for Hitler's inner circle of friends? Thanks. Regards, AB.
  8. Doc, That's the 8yr SS long service device. Only authorize for wear on a ribbon bar for a very short time. Regards, AB.
  9. Thanks Robin and nice photo. Rick, Very interesting info. Thank you. Do you also have a photo of one in wear? It would be nice to see another. Regards, AB.
  10. Thanks guys. I realize how rare it is and how lucky I am to have it. It is in good safe hands. Hi Stogieman, Here is another that may look familiar to you. Regards, AB.
  11. Hi Rick, That's good news. I've had the bar for just over a year now. There are some who had doubts with this one because of its rarity. Your welcome to use any of the photos. Many thanks for the reply. Regards, AB.
  12. Hi guys, I would appreciate your opinions on this 6 place ribbon bar with all 3 NSDAP service devices. Of course it is extremely rare to find all 3 devices on one bar. Regards, AB.
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