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  1. Hi All This is the current issue badge - Queens crown with pin back Cheers Perce
  2. Hi Bootneck1958 I first found out about Otto and his comrades in 1990 during a tour of Benbecula. The graves were unknown by the authorities for years- the local fishermen knew about them as they used the old school house as a layover in bad weather but I wrote to the Volksbund and the CWGC and they are now recogised as wargraves. I did quite a lot of research into this boat and the crew. It appears Otto and his two comrades floated ashore. They were only able to identify Otto through personnel effects. They current probaly carried them from the wreck site ( they may have been in life j
  3. Hi Guys Thought you'd like to see these bits I picked up. If anyone knows what the units are can you let me know Cheers Perce
  4. Hi Brian Are you going to publish the booklet on general release when its finished? Cheers Perce
  5. As I said I believed the badges to be faked. My original zinc uboat badge was stolen several years ago. The plaque is made of scrap wood by the looks really quite unrefined Will photo the back of it Cheers Perce
  6. the Plaque used to belong to my late Step mums late husband he was a submarine hoarder Albums full of photos and docs This was one of his favourite pieces (probably a copy too) Perce
  7. Hi Guys I got these as I liked them- I believe them to be copies but they've been denazified comments welcome If they're in the wrong forum please move Cheers Perce
  8. An average day on the desk 2 displays I built up for a show and my budding collection of RK winners signatures
  9. Hi guys Thanks for the comments The collection is a rebuild after my original collection was completely stolen in 95- started again properly in 2004. Currently I have medal groups to 297 named individuals plus my german collection and several hundred photographs and a collection of buttons, badges paperwork etc. The case was built for a friend who decided it was more fun to collect vehicles. i hope to post more stuff as the collection builds Cheers Perce
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