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    Unique Items with a military motif. Especially those with enamel. Edged weapons Imperial & TR with emphasis on SA and Naval Daggers. Iron Crosses, Tinnies & Medals, Badges & Insignias 1870 - 1945.

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  1. Hello Members. I located this cased gold and enamel pin. Can anyone Identify what it is and especially who or want the makers mark is ??? Thanking you in advance,
  2. Rocky

    TWM BBCo

    Looks like you have a winner. Be careful though because they are contagious and one will not be enough.
  3. I found Demir's book on TWM's excellent. From a historical prospective he dealt with good explanations that got to the point. This enabled me to get the background on the things that needed to be covered without long boring explanations. In addition he covered photos of documents, cases and various packets. Excellent photos of TWM's of Turkey and German origin and their manufacturing differences to include the hinges, pins and clasps. There were several examples to compare and lust after. This type of reference was long overdue and Demir has now filled that void. Demir was able to create one book that is bilingual from English to Turkish. Thank you Demir for providing a long overdue reference on one of our favorite awards. Thank you Demir for your fine reference.
  4. Super collection and super display. Thank for sharing.
  5. IMO I also believe it is a fantasy piece; however I have not seen this one before.
  6. Gent's, For those of you who know me I love to collect eclectic militaria. I like Patriotic Jewelry and items that were made and given to someone special. I do hope you enjoy this piece that is ~ 4.0 cm X 5.5 cm that can be worn as a pendent or broach. The reverse is marled 800 with a 1/4 moon and full crown and G.HERMELING and GES.GESCH. Roughly translated EIN MANN MIT GOTT IST IMMER IN DER MAJORITAET 1914 - 1945 ------ A man with god is always in the majority 1914 - 1915.
  7. Hardy -- Joe, Thank you for giving my esteem a much needed boost. No matter how hard one tries occasionally something like this comes up. I have to find out more about this piece and really hope it is not in the ever elusive book of "Known Fakes."
  8. Hi Gents, Is there any literature available on this pin problem ? If so who or where can someone provide a link or even better a book with photos ? Also thank you all for your help one this item, it is closed but I cannot find out how to remove that bugger .
  9. Hi Guys, The last thing I would do is knowingly sell a reproduction, thank you for bringing this to my attention. Can anyone provide me with information that discusses the problem with the cross ? Or at least point me in the right direction ? In the interim I will pull this item. I am in the process of listing a large inventory. All with a money back warranty for 7 - 10 days while it is shown around. So please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you see anything that is questionable or if you have questions regarding anything I list. Thank You Rocky P. S. Consider this item as no longer offered until it is discussed. I would have pulled it by now but could not figure out how that is accomplished. Rocky
  10. If you are still interested in Italian Medals & Insignias you can now get on my Web Site. Click on the second moving banner on this web site www.mattscollectibles.com this will take you to offerings, next click on World Orders Pages 5, 6 & 8 Thanks Rocky

  11. I finally completed my TWM Gallery

  12. SOS

    1. IrishGunner


      Sinking? Or just need a beer?

    2. Claudius


      I believe he is referring to Military show in Louisville, KY -right? 2/24-27.

    3. Rocky


      Correct, and it is by far the biggest event of the year for militaria collectors.

  13. The MAX Show 

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