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  1. Some from a display I just disassembled a couple of weeks ago. This is the Michigan Military Heritage Museum which I started about two years ago. It was our WWI Centennial exhibit. Now we are working on the 75th of WWII. There are a lot more pics on our Facebook page if anyone is interested. Its just Michigan Military Heritage Museum on Facebook. Scott
  2. Well, I don't have much to add here but this one lonely Prussian helmet and cover. I didn't see a 29R in the pics so here it is. This came home with a 26th Engineer out of Jackson Michigan. Scott
  3. I am wondering if there are any references available to search a USMC Second Haitian Campaign Medal by number? I have one numbered 1964 on the rim and would love to know more about the recipient. Can anyone help? Thank you all in advance, Scott.
  4. All of these and more have been moved to the classifieds. Some items listed come with paperwork from the veterans others are as is. Thanks to everyone for the help I really do appreciate it. I will be leaving these through Saturday and then they will go with me to a local militaria show. Scott
  5. Thanks to everyone for looking and for identifying the maker positively. I have moved it to the for sale section. Yes Alex I also asked on the WAF but it is not offered for sale there as I am not a paying member and this is actually the first item I ever posted there on recommendation of a friend. Can't explain the ribbon on the other cross, thats the way I got it from the vet... Thanks again for all who helped me, Scott.
  6. Hope these pictures are a bit better for confirmation of this being a Fritz Zimmermann made cross. Again if anyone has any thoughts please let me kow before I move this to the selling section as I do not want to mis-represent it in any way. Thanks, Scott.
  7. Thanks for your opinion Alex.. I will see if I can get a couple of better pictures soon. In the meantime, here is a pic of how I received it as well as some other items. I used to do displays back in the early 90s for the 70th Division Assn when I was in the unit myself. I had a partner who helped me and all donations were split between us. So, I still have the two EKs and he got the panzer 25 badge and collar tabs. I really just wnated to see if I had researched the maker correctly and then what would be a fair price. Perhaps the small document from the vet makes a difference, or maybe I should sell the two crosses together with the document? Thanks again, Scott.
  8. Hello everyone, I am in need of some opinions on this EK1 as it just isn't my area of expertise... This came to me as you see it in the case. The pin when placed right side up appears to have the number 6 in it but if I am looking at it the wrong way then it would be a 9. It is quite nice and I intend to offer it for sale but would first like to have all pertinent information. So, my questions are is the maker Zimmerman? Is it correct, and what is a fair price for quick sale. Thanks for any and all answers. Scott.
  9. Gotta love the "before 2002" which actually shows the wrong desert camo... Scott
  10. The top of the badge is bent back, not specifically the wings. It almost looks like someone tried to bend it to remove the Luftwaffe eagle... Scott.
  11. As Bob said, the bottom right looks like an Iraqi police badge for a beret. Scott.
  12. Thanks Jean Paul and Ulsterman, I appreciate the info and the i.d. I am wondering if the center ribbon is grey and not white? In looking at it it seems to be evenly grey and not discolored white. It also has no marks as to where a red cross may have been, so is it possible that there was a grey ribbon for a medal? Again, thanks for the speedy replies and help. :cheers: Scott.
  13. I have searched all of the U.S. National Guard ribbons as well as many others and I can only come up with a Hawaiin Medal of Honor and a Michigan Medal of valor.... Doesn't seem likely to me. So, is this bar U.S. or am I just missing something in my ignorance :banger: ? Thanks, Scott.
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