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    History of the U.S. Civil War, U.S. Indian Wars, World War I, World War II, and aviation history. I collect German militaria (especially that of the Third Reich Period): medals, badges, award documents, tinnies, armbands, and medal bars. My other hobbies include model building, military figure painting, and art.

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  1. Hello there, I agree that the posted badge is a fake. The attachment hardware, the weak lettering, and the rough texture of the reverse are all dead giveaways. In addition, the original SA defense Badges by Werner Redo were always stuck in iron so the badge must be magnetic. If it is not magnetic then it stands no chance of being real IMO. Best regards, Tom
  2. Hi guys, I bought this Radio Operator/Air Gunner Badge at the recent MAX Show. It was made by Imme & Sohn of Berlin. It is a transitional badge having a Buntmetall eagle and a zinc wreath. Best regards, Tom
  3. Hello to all, Here is an NSDAP 15-Year Long Service Cross that I bought at a pawn shop several weeks ago. It came with a really nice stickpin miniature made by Steinhauer & Lück. Hope you like it. Best regards, Tom
  4. Hi Scott, Very nice! Love them police medal bars having an Olympic Medal. And the Silesian Eagle makes it nicer still. Best regards, Tom
  5. Thank you, Nicolas. Here is a three placer from the OVMS Show back in June. The NSDAP 15-Year on this one is by B.H. Mayer, Pforzheim. Best regards, Tom
  6. Hi guys, Went to the M.A.P.S. Show today and got this 5-placer with an NSDAP 15 Yr/10 Yr combination. As soon as I saw this I knew it must go home with me. Hope you like it and thanks for looking.Best regards,Tom
  7. A medal bar from the recent SOS. Although consisting entirely of decorations and commemoratives for the First World War, it is still a medal bar of the Third Reich Period by virtue of the Hindenburg Cross (mid-1930s). Best regards, Tom
  8. Nice bars, guys! Here are a couple of my recent pickups: Best regards, Tom
  9. Hi guys, Here is a zinc General Assault Badge that was most likely made by Juncker of Berlin. Best regards Tom
  10. Hello to all, Here is an L/21 marked Heer Flak Badge that I picked up recently. Best regards, Tom I went and made a replacement catch for the badge as it was a simple fix. Here is a closer look at the replaced catch: .... and the 'L/21' maker mark:
  11. A perfectly matched set: a fake badge and a fake box. Best regards, Tom
  12. Hi Claudio, Yes! And how about Helmuth Weidling? Another big name for sure. It is really quite an education to go through these ranlk lists, looking for officers with a certain combination of orders/decorations. Thank you also for the link to the supposed von Saucken medal bar. That could very well be his. It's interesting that the ÖM3K is placed after the Hindenburg Cross and before the long service decorations. But it looks like the placement is correct on his Feldspange. Thank you & best regards, Tom
  13. Hi Dave, Thank you for being such a work saver! But wasn't Johannes Lentzsch a Luftwaffe General during WW2? In fact, I see him as having the same medal bar as my unknown except that Lentzsch would have the Luftwaffe 25/12 combination rather than the 18/4. Thanks again & best regards, Tom
  14. Hello guys, Thank you for all of the comments and information. I agree that the combination of orders & decorations on this bar is not unique enough to make an identification. That is, without anything short of a miracle. I did start going through the 1924 rank list, just to find some possibilities, but I realize too that many other possibilities would not be listed there for the reasons cited by Dave. In going through the 1924 listing, I checked the Leutnante, Oberleutnante, and Hauptleute/Rittmeister sections. I figured there was no need to check any ranks higher than Hauptmann. I was surprised to find only sixteen officers with the Iron Cross, Hohenzollern House Order-Knight's Cross with Swords, Austrian Military Merit Cross 3rd Class with War Decoration, and no other Imperial orders or decorations. The officers that I found with the combination were: Ansat von Chappuis Figg von Hanstein Hilderbrand Hoogklimmer Keiper Koch Lentzsch Marschhausen von Saucken Sinnhuber von Sommerfeld Weidling Wosch Wrede I just did a quick search, so I may have missed a few. Now to start checking against the WW2 Luftwaffe Officer listing. Thanks again & best regards, Tom
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