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  1. Looks like lieutenant Alexander Dunn VC . 11th Hussars.
  2. Wow! Thank you very much Ralph thats great information. I'll post a pic of his medals shortly.
  3. Good link thank you for sending it PREM. its possible that this could be genuine after all.:)
  4. Thank you prem,The hallmark style does not look like any zimbler I have seen before.
  5. Hello all, I could use some help on this bravery medal, is this a fake zimbler bar?
  6. Thank you gongs:). I saw that page last week and couldn't find any more information. Is there a way to get his service papers?
  7. Hello all, i am trying to track down information on a Private William Stoodley regiment number 9223. i believe he may have been a P.O.W. but i'm just not sure, any help would be much appreciated. Thank you
  8. Hello all, Is there a way to tell when these para wings were made? Thank you
  9. Hi Everyone, just trying to verify if this medal i purchased is authentic. Thank you very much. The reverse
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