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  1. Hello, the former bearer should have been a Bavarian veteran, because the Bavarian MVK or MVO is at first position. In my opition, 3rd and 4th position belongs also to Bavarian medals: 3rd Jubilee medal from 1905 or Luitpold medal (Bronze, awarded 1911 with the Jubilee-medal - this was due to 90th birthday of Prinzregent Luitpold). The 4th position might be for Goldene Hochzeitsjubiläumsmünze 1923 (worn with same ribbon like Jubilee medal). I just miss a Long service award. Officer with no permanent term of service? Best regards Rudi
  2. It seems to be common, that there was some time between the real award ("fix the EK on the soldier´s breast") and also doing the paper work ("also give him his document"). Here is an other document of 1. JgRgt: Jäger Meyer got his EK on 11th of November 1916 and his document also in July 1917. Until April 1917 the regiment participated in the Romanian-campaign and they were in trench warfare during June and July 1917, but at Oberelsaß (quite calm). So it seems they used the time doing administration work.
  3. Here is a "Vorläufiges Besitzzeugnis" of 1. Jäger-Regiment to a Fähnrich of 2. JgBtl, who was awarded his EK II at the 20th of July 1916, but the document was issued at the 12th July of 1917, almost one year later! OK, it might be a second document due to loosing the first one (but we don´t know). Please pay attention to the signature: Oberstleutnant (later Oberst) Karl Paulus, (Pour le Merite in 1918).
  4. Hello Chis The Leiber-document is amazing! I can´t remember that I´ve ever seen one before. I know the first Alpenkorps-document for Iron Crosses (black-and-white printing), but I haven´t one in my collection (not yet). My earliest document is attached below, but it just witnesses, that this soldier got his EK at the 24.12.1916, but unfortunaltelly not, when he got this certificate.
  5. Hello Chris, I´ve several EK documents and I can itentify this types: 1st type: from "Kunst im Druck", "Italien" and "Nord-Frankreich" is not mentioned at the battle-colums at the left and on the right side, 2nd type: from "Dietz", "Italien" and "Nord-Frankreich" are mentioned at the battle-colums. Usually the soldiers get first a interim/preliminary document for their EK and later a handsome EK-document (e.g. "Vorläufiges Besitzzeugnis") such as the Alpenkoprs-document. Between both dates some time passed by and in the end they used just the documents they had available. So I have 2 documents for soldiers who got their EK at the 28th of October 1917. One document ist a 1st type signed by v. Krafft (also he wasn´t commander anymore!) and the other one ist a 2nd type signed by v. Tutschek. v. Tutschek´s signature can also found on both types. Regards Rudi
  6. Hello Chris, Your first signature is from GenLt Ludwig Ritter von Tutscheck, third and also last commander of the Alpenkorps ( since 5th of September 1917 until the end). The second one is from GenLt Leo Sonntag, a Prussion General who was commander between 1st of March 1917 until 4th of September 1917. The first commander of the Alpenkorps was Gen Konrad Krafft von Dellmensingen until the 28th of February 1917. A picture of his signature is attached below. Regards Rudi
  7. Hello Well, I can´t recall if the pattern, but I think it was the same on all sides. The upper baton is the Prussian one, thats right. Regards Rudi
  8. Hello The Bayerisches Armeemuseum (Bavarian Army Museum) in Ingolstadt has 3 Field Marshal batons of King Ludwig III.: his Bavarian parade baton and both of his interim batons (Bavarian and Prussian). I took some pictures, whenn I was there last time. Due to the glass cas it was not easy to make good pictures. Regards Rudi
  9. Here is a small group to an NCO of Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 47. The Bavarian King was colonel in chief of this regiment, so the regiment´s soldiers also get some Bavarian MVK. The awarded soldier, Bruno Märkel survived the war and was a aspirant engine-driver in 1934. Regards Rudi
  10. A further award of an MVK 3a but to a Prussian Oberjäger. Units were not mentioned on the documents in the second half of the war. So we can just guess in which he served (maybe Reserve-Jägerbataillon 10 or 14?). Someone wrote "MGK" (=Maschinen-Gewehr-Kompanie) on it at the upper right corner with a pencil.
  11. It seems that some soldiers lost their documents and tried to get an affirmation of the award. Here are two of this affirmation: one is official copy ("Abschrift") and the other one refers to the military papers/pass that he really get the MVK. Regards Rudi
  12. The award of two MVKs to one soldier was also common during WW1, but not often to find these documents. Here is such a group for a Gefreiter and later Vizefeldwebel of the Bavarian 21. IR. He served in this unit the whole war. Unfortunaltelly I have no further documents of him.
  13. Amazing documents. I like especially the one´s for Jäger. Here is one for a Fahnenjunker-Unteroffizier of the 1. Jägerregiment.
  14. This MVK 2a is from Leser (2nd or 3rd type). I´m quite sure, that swords had been removed. Didn´t it also have a mark "900" in the cylinder? Since autumn 1914 just the medaillons for the 2nd classes were made from silver (contract with the makers), so the mark was not genuine. Jeffseka: your MVK shown in post 286/288 was made by Deschler, who used marks not on every MVK. Regards Rudi
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