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  1. national sozialistische betriebszellen organisation department of railways regards Falk
  2. its from regiments day . here is the list of all regiments http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liste_der_Infanterieregimenter_der_neupreu%C3%9Fischen_Armee nr 56 and 57 have their home in wesel Falk
  3. there were a l?t of tinnies made of paper , mostly in the early years . sometimes they came from "new old stock" regards Falk
  4. a real price for one in germany is 3? the second isnt in good condition , so only 2?. sometimes they were sold for a lot of more to overseas. regards Falk
  5. @ wood thank you for your translation , but i am still hope to refreshing my english in this forum . in this time im not shure if there were really original dies produced . in the tieste catalouge it is listet with unknown year. schmalkalden were first us and later russian zone , it was dangerous to have such items at home . russians want no swastikas as souvenirs. schmalkalden is not wide away from my home , but i cant get any information at the town house . what the americans didnt carry away , was destroyed before the russians came . no one here or in the german forum could answered some of my special questions. in this time i think that all badges on tis side were shown , were produced on the same dies at the same time . bevore 1945 or after 45 this is the question . all were made of very thin brass , the silver goes easyly away . it should be interesting , to hold woods and one of the other badges in one hand . we know more about the moon than about the "sportschiesswettbewerb der 57 . ss standarte schmalkalden th?ringen "and the stamped manufactere "carl peter schmalkalden " if you want to see a 100 % copy please look here http://www.militaria-fundforum.de/showthre...ht=schmalkalden posting nr 17 , there ia a picture of an polish standart copy , even with the typical ges. gesch. at the backside. regards Falk
  6. @ wood i am shure , if you clean your badge with a teethbrush , you will have the same design at the rear as all the badges here were shown . i owned a badge in nearly the same condition , also with broken needle und much mud on the back. here is another one in standaard design for only 495$ http://www.craiggottlieb.com/data/inspect....erman+Militaria at my first posting i wrote " i think original " i should have written " it s the same style , which was told me original " a short time ago a member of a german forum bougt 4 tinnies , two or three were surely fakes , and also the well known ss badge . here is the link for it http://www.militaria-fundforum.de/showthre...ht=schmalkalden in this thread i ask the same questions like here : who has any information of the maker " Carl Peter Schmalkalden " ? is his name listet everywere ? why has the tinnie either a date not a year ? in which years were "sportschiesswettbewerbe " in schmalkalden done ? has anyone found a badge under save conditions like an estate of an old ss man digging out of the earth found in an old house , or somewhere where you must not pay for it ? when it is a fake , who is the maker of the fake ? here is a fake maker http://www.germanmedals.biz/catalog/ but he hasnt this badge not in his program. a lot of questions , i hope someone can give some or only one answer, and my broken english is so good that anyone understand. Falk
  7. @ wood what makes you shure ? what you think about this <a href="http://www.militaria321.com/auktionsdetail...ctionID=5329268" target="_blank">http://www.militaria321.com/auktionsdetail...ctionID=5329268</a> or this <a href="http://beerhallputsch.com/product_info.php...products_id=724" target="_blank">http://beerhallputsch.com/product_info.php...products_id=724</a> or this <a href="http://www.huesken.com/cgi-bin/cat-art-ind...ang=d&kat=1" target="_blank">http://www.huesken.com/cgi-bin/cat-art-ind...ang=d&kat=1</a> or this <a href="http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/sho...ad.php?t=237923" target="_blank">http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/sho...ad.php?t=237923</a> I think when one is a fake , the others are afake too . it looks as were all produced by one maker. Falk
  8. to my oppinion is , that this is an original . this tinnie is often to find , the sportfest breslau was visited by visitors from all parts of gemany . the reichsbahn startet 350 extratrains for the visitors. the price is a little bit high , it should be payed with 20 - 30 ?. Falk
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