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  1. Hi Johan, there are no "official" list of recipients only one privatly made by a guy that passed away some years back. He did the research him self by looking in each swedish volunteers records. The where abouts of that list is these days unknown.
  2. Hi Chris, it´s the Finnish SS-Bat´s commemorative cross
  3. Civil Guard not Defence forces but otherwise nothing to add
  4. Nice catch Christer! You got it way too cheap IMHO. I managed to snatch the 41 with oaks
  5. It was sold as a 3rd class not a 4th class such is awarded only 48 times! The photo lies some due to the flash of the camera has washed out the colors
  6. Known makers of the Cross of Liberty are: A.Tillander OY, Kunniamerkkitehdas OY, Suomen Kultasepät OY and A.Barck
  7. Hello Gents, today i found this cross at one of fake monglers hangouts. I know there has been several batches made of the cross but this one doesn´t match those i have in my reference files. Perhaps it´s me that is extra jumpy since the Hero aka Carsten Staegemeir hangs on that site i found it on... Any opinions regarding the cross?
  8. The right one is a possible finnish one for the White Guards regiment
  9. Nice Crosses! Here is my 3rd Class Cross that i picked up a few years ago as is with the wrong ribbon attached
  10. Proclaimed President of the Republic of Decision No 236 of 28.12.2007 Decorations Act Adopted on 12/19/2007 1 ChapterGENERAL § 1 Scope of the Act (1) This Act establishes the President on the state awards (the decorations ), provides a description of the classes and the bestowal of entry and withdrawal and return time of honor and decorations registration procedures, and the responsibility for breaking the law. (2) For the purposes of this Act, the provisions of the Administrative Procedure Act, the provisions of the Administrative Procedure Act. § 2 state decorations (1)
  11. There is no such thing as a Liberty Medal 3rd class. What you have is the Order of Libertys Medal for Merit 2nd class
  12. Bronze are for enlisted men and the Silver NCO´s. There is more or less a hirarchy in the Order of Liberty awards which follows the ranks although there are some exceptions
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