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  1. Thanks guys, that's very interesting as to the Unit. Any ideas as to Herr Peter, or is his rank to low to be able to be researched?
  2. This is a Lion-head Dragoon sword, inscribed to a member of No. 5 Eskadron the Baden Dragoon Rgt. Prinz Karl no. 22. His name is Sergeant Peter and the sword is presented to him as 'Besten Berritfuhrer...im Jahre 1899 (:Kaiser Manoever:). I understand Berritfuhrer refers to the training of Cavalry horses. I can find reference to Eskadrons 1-4 as being part of the 111th Infantry division in 1915, but no No.5. Can anyone shed any light on this particular formation and the named individual? Many thanks.
  3. An elusive character is our Herr Ambrosius, but many thanks for your efforts.
  4. I'm pushing my luck here, and this is definitely the last (for the moment), but I wonder if the Research Brigade can come up trumps with this one? It is a standard Prussian IOD89, plain blade but with the name C. Ambrosius engraved on the rear folding clamshell, plus a very nice family crest on the tang button. The scabbard is post-1910, black with a single ring. Any thoughts?
  5. Once again I'm indebted to you guys for making this sword so much more alive for me!
  6. Here's another blade for the researchers to check out, but I suspect far more difficult than the previous ones. There is no date or maker and it sems to be a very ordinary Fusilier Officer's sword, but with a very nice blade. The inscription reads: Oesterreich s/l Ohlert As before any help much appreciated.
  7. Great research! Much obliged. I did wonder at the 'O.A.A.K.' on the langet...I presumed it was partly 'Offizier Aspiranten A...? Kursus'. Could the additional 'A' stand for Artillery, if these individuals were there on such a specific course even though they are Infantry guys???
  8. This is a Bavarian-style, one-ring scabbard sword by Horster, without the ususal blade motto, but with a lovely gold/black inscription: 'Fur Erinnerung an den 3. Offizier Aspiranten-Kursus Juni-Juli 1915' On the obverse langet is thae date '1915' and either 'RS' or 'SR' The reverse langet bears the incription: O.A.A.K Lockstedter Lager Around the guard are inscribed 4 names: Ltn.Preising Ltn. Menkhaus Ltn. Koppe Ltn. Dr. Meyer Lockstedter is in Schleswig and was one of the main training camps, and I would love to know more about these 4 friends. Also, to what does t
  9. My apologies over the images but my camera (work!) is not of high quality! Your research is amazing...many thanks! If I can trouble you again I will be back with more.
  10. This is an interesting sword on several levels: *Bavarian cypher on the grip *High level of engraving on the guard and pommel *Folding guard has been removed *dedication on the reverse of the guard that remains...this reads 'Priester s/l Widtmann 1 Juli 1894' *Initials engraved on top of pommel...a 'W' and what seems to be an 'h', so 'hW' *The usual Bavarian Motto on the blade...' In Treue Fest'. Would it be possible to trace the background of these two Bavarian Officers?
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