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  1. Hello, Back after several months of inactivity ! Maybe someone can help me : it concerns the marks on the ring of a St Anna 2nd class gold civil division manufactured by A.Keibel (AK) All my gold orders have on the ring either the kokoshnik mark (56 & woman head) before 1899, if I remember well, or 56 & St Petersburg crossed anchors before 1899. I have been proposed such an order with AK on the ring without russian gold mark + ET mark (french mark for 14 ct gold applied if item sold at an auction). Never seen that before, is-it really unusual ? The order is pure russian made wi
  2. Hi Christophe, Yes, the St Stanislas 1st class w/swords in bronze is quite rare, I do have the corresponding star but no box (One day I found one marked with the manufacturer address in Petrograd, but too expensive) The same cross exists enameled on both sides. Regards. Pavel
  3. Let's try with some pictures - by changing the size - yes, Paul they are JPEG. White Eagle, gold, by Eduard (1899-1903) St Anne with swords for non christians, gold, by Osipov (1904-1916) ... with its original box marked ... with swords St Stanislaus with swords, bronze, by Eduard (WW1) ... with its star. Will work on next pictures ... next week-end !
  4. Will try to post individual images, but am still wondering how we can go from 1Mb size or more to 70kb, without sacrifying the quality ?!
  5. My collection of Imperial Russia orders ; adding maybe 5 or 7 affordable orders to that collection seems a reasonable target, but I do not dream anymore of St Vladimir 1st class :shame:
  6. Maybe that book could help : "Military Order of the Holy Great Martyr George the Triumphant, Listing of the Recipients, 1769-1920", V. Shabanov http://www.collectrussia.com/DISPITEM.HTM?ITEM=12874 Pavel
  7. Hello, I do not like to disappoint collector and did not want to be "too direct" when I said "never seen that type of breast star" for the russian White Eagle order, but as Sergey I must say this is a fake or a fantasy order. After collecting for 30 years, I have never seen a metal russian breast star of the 18th century - the first known metal breast stars are dated from the beginning of the 19th century and all of private manufacturers (all the official stars delivered until 1855 were embroidered). After some researches, the hallmark ("octopus") is apparently totally unknown. About "top
  8. OK, I found this badge afterwards into a documentation and of course understood this was a strange star & probably unique Thanks & regards For members not reading russian (very few I think ) Soldier Badge of the Volynski Guards Regiment "stuck" on a german Eagle order breast star
  9. Hello, You say : the mintmark is clearly the Imperial Russian double-headed eagle ! I see what it could be an octopus maybe Not russian made & no silver hallmark visible, never seen that type of breast star for the White Eagle order. Rgds Pavel
  10. Hello, Proposed on a web site is this star unknown from me. No picture available of the back of the star. 75mm across. Any idea? Thanks
  11. Hi Lilo, Date is : 6 September 1904 (period of russo-japanese war) Regards Pavel
  12. Hello As far as I can read this is not specified : only "Order St Anne 3 rd class" Maybe on the rest of the document ? Please send to : patasacha@free.fr Regards Pavel
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