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  1. Ed - have a safe trip and I hope there are no problems with the house sale. You have until Monday week for extra entries. Please give your Mother my very best wishes. Mervyn

    Thanks Mervyn,

    I am still trying to snatch a few shots now and then and post them. I have no regular internet access as we have had Mom's service disconnected so I am at trhe mercy of unsecured signals now and then. Anyway, maybe someone will try to hijack my site and find this one :-)

    I plan on leaving Austin Thursday morning and driving a-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-ll the way to El Paso and spending the night at Fort Bliss. EIGHT hours on the road and I am STILL in Texas :-o

    One of the few advantages retired military get is being able to stay on military installations for around $35.00 (US) a night [space available of course].

    Thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers.


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