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  1.     That´s a For merit medal, It seems bronze, so 3class; There are some wit crwon and wihtout...with the head of ferdinan, as young, and elderl, and with the head of Bori III, last timr. I think the phrase is: "za zasluga" or like the thing must be write and pronounced correctly.... They can seen with the war cross ribbon, blue with silver treads if awarded for war merit, or, in plain red ribbons, as awarded in time of pace, or not in conexion with a war
  2. Will be possible find this Dragoons Lt Col.????? A Finn WW2 group of 9 orders/medals for Dragoon Officer (Hero of the winter war battles in Summa.) 1/-Cross of Liberty 3rd class 1941 w/oak leaves 2/-Cross of Liberty 3rd class 1941 3/ -Cross of Liberty 4th class 1939 4/ -Winter war medal w/ bar SUMMA & swords 5/ -Continuation war medal 1941-1944 6/ -Golden medal of Merit of the Union of Finnish Reserve Officers (Scarce) 7/ -Blue Cross 8/ -Summa Battle cross, numbered as issued 9/ -Dragoon Brigades cross (Scarce) Thanks Miguel
  3. Sorry boys, i' ve consulted my turkish medal books but i can' t find any similar to this bronze medal Can you help me Thanks Miguel
  4. I´ve just bought a greek bar that comes with some papers and photographic documents of the owne. IMHO, Antiestrategos is like General of division, (in Spanish Army,- I don´t know if this is Lieutenant General in Britain-...) The medals seems to corespond pretty well with the service bar the owner bear in the photos....Only, the "For Bravery " cross seems to sew to the bar as an aftertought....??. The medal lost seems the Phoenix order , that in the bar (rossette) seems be officer class...¿?, Some ideas and help about this bar will be wellcome.... Thanks beforehand Miguel PS/ It seems that the general has retired in 1979...as I own their jubilee officers club card with this date and their born date is: 1923, (59 years??) at Koronis-Nautoy-Cycladic (islands??)
  5. That is an example, at the "Liverpool Medals" company, that shows the Albanian retreat medal in the FIRST place, even before a M. Obilich medal.... That´s odd enought!!! Miguel
  6. Thanks to all of you.... MIguel PS/ Je suis a voitre disposition si vous avez besoin d´images o quelque chose... Merci beaucoup Miguel
  7. I´m in search of another french crimea medal I´ve got 16 years ago in Cambridge, it´s named to a: "C. LORDIERE 10e de L. 6332", in capital where I put it...I´m searching and has a 10e de Ligne in the Division du General Dulac in the assault to the Malakoff, Sebatopol, "The assault columns were marshalled from the 6th to 7th September (Histoire: 365 to 366): MacMahon was to attack the Malakoff; La Motte Rouge the curtain wall and batteries flanking the Malakoff; Dulac the Petit Redan; Lavaillant the Central Bastion; D'Autemarre the Bastion du Mat. The Imperial Guard were to be held in reserve to strike the decisive blow (Bezancourt: 444)." -But the medal comes with the Sebastopol Bar, only- (and 3rd Division:General Dulac: 17th Chasseurs; 10th, 57th, 61st, 85th Line; Reserve: Chasseurs of the Imperial Guard; 52nd and 73rd Line), As I´ve not see any Lanciers reg. at Crimea OOB, so, It must be "Ligne" What do you think about...... Thanks Miguel
  8. Please how you can difference lauer from hemmerle seeing the crossed swords?... Thanks Miguel
  9. What´s that???, This man have not see service at the WWI...or he´s retired before ....??? Thanks Chris Miguel
  10. Hello Gents: Someone of you knows where I can get some replacement ribbons for japanese medals, as, sino- japanese war, russian japanese war, "incidents" medals and WW1 ??? I´ve some medals that in a time, apparently suffer water immersion and the ribbons are a complete shambles... Thanks Miguel
  11. Thanks a lot, the details about the MVK are very interesting...I suppose they are in some diferent degree??? Regards Miguel
  12. The St Henry Medal bar, seems to come from a Veteran that goes to the Kripo, the another one, is from an NCO...
  13. A partially, frac, non-combatant bar, (EK war ribbon); and a Full Anhalt non-combatant, so tidy, both...
  14. I think that the Ifthikar I own, is from Habib bey, -can someone confirm this???- (with some artistic caligraphy, but so is the arabic writings), this one came from Boullanger, Paris. It came with a Finn White rose order, so it seems a diplomatic bar. Thanks Miguel PS/ merry christmas to all of you...
  15. Gents...Sorry if I dare to ask this question here but.. What do you think about this bar. The medals are bad sited, ...
  16. Look for some field officer in a diplomatic career...at Spain. Previous to 1908, more Th crown probably goes to The star or commander cross of military merit and the white colour is for military merit in time of peace... Sure there are not so many german officers to claim this tipe of reward...I don´t know where you can search...sorry...diplomatic issues?? Regards miguel
  17. I ve never see one lke this...probably this has been privately made or modified to the owner...It´s a rarity... Regards and congratulations.... Miguel PS/ where can you got this one...????
  18. Dear jacques, Really this is a Republican naval commander cross, as you can see by the "Mural" (Crenellated) crown above the cross...So it dates for sure between 1931 (1932 more accurate) and 1936...I don´t think that this german admiral get that cross after the civil war begin in july, 18, 1936) Very beautiful, by the way...Probably give as some military/naval embassy aggregate... Regards miguel
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