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  1. Beautiful pin and pennant....never seen before....if you ever plan to sell let me know
  2. Thats a cool revival guys! Don,I assume these are all the years available or is there a 39 one missing? Are these made of tombac or also some precious metal type like somewhat above these were?
  3. Nice ones! I truly love the mini,kinda sweet,isnt it I have a "standard" one lurking somewhere but its damaged if memory serves right.
  4. Thats the kind of shot necessary to get a better idea of what you have. The base should have one center screw,which should be recessed and a different type of screw in general.That second screw is atypical.Is the base made of marble?I am used to seeing more "veins" in the stone itself.But given the 2 screws the base could be replaced also. You do not mention any markings,which if there arent any is sadly not helpful either.From where I stand I find this piece very hard to judge either way,though I tend to dislike it.By any means it is not a "one looker". If you can return it to where you hav
  5. Judging from these shots it is still difficult.....can you feel a hole beneath the base cloth right in the center of the rectangle?I am used to seeing cloth pieces that allow a view on this exact spot.They are screwed together there usually.Can you see ANY markings on the reverse of laurel or a bit beneath it? RZM?
  6. Is this piece marked in any way,also a shot of the base with the piece turned upside down would be helpful
  7. Yes I see it,I think it is just a discolouration.Like you I have never seen the left one yet.Compared to the others it looks like a drawing or might even be a paper item.
  8. Thanks for the warm words Robert! Must have been at least 3-4 years I guess. Whatever your first one is,it is good looking nonetheless.I dont know which edition of Huesken you use,I only have 1st one and pics in it are far from great for sure. I very much like your 2nd one also,lovely green enamel.Never came across one like it.They really did some branching out churchwise in those days.Beautiful shield shape there! Hope you all have made one and the other great addition to your collections!!!
  9. Thanks for the welcome Robert! Great to see you all still being active and around! You have a nice one there,though I dont know if it is related. This would be 5103a
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