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  1. Dear All - Looking for any information, photos, documents or materials out there concerning Generalleutnant Alois Josef Ritter von Molo and his son, Leutnant Friedrich von Molo (later Oberstleutnant in the Bundeswehr and a leading personage in the Johanniter Order). As always, any and all help is much appreciated! Don
  2. Two thoughts: One, it could have been a loaner cap at the photo studio, and two, he could have just joined the unit from an Infantry regiment and had not received his new visor. Don
  3. All, a looooong bar, but is it legit, or put-together? As always, any help is much appreciated. Any way to ID the original owner if it is legit? Don
  4. I especially love the private-purchase insignia on EM/NCO 'rocks. Don
  5. Sorry I am late to this thread, but I agree that it is a lyre that was never finished. Don
  6. Juan was nice enough to sell Oberst Buchert's tunic back to me last spring. In his file, he finally received the Spange for his 1914 EKII in February 1945. He received that and the KVKII as his only "wartime" awards. Perhaps he redeemed himself in battle to a degree with his regiment, but the trail goes cold after that - I doubt he survived the war, but I hope he did, after wht his harpy of a wife did to him. Don
  7. Thanks a lot, Chip - These came in a grouping from the estate of General der Infanterie Erich Clößner, but since he did not even make Major in the Reichswehr until 1929, the boards could not have belonged to him. Perhaps a relative or someone in his wife's family. Don
  8. Imperial/Weimar is not my area, so any advice as to what these boards are for will be greatly appreciated. All three appear to be for an Oberstleutnant, but of what? They came in a lot with other items that I am more familiar with. Many Thanks! Don
  9. An Early Happy New Year to All! I am trying to piece together the career of Oberstleutnant Karl Steppan, who was commander of the II Battalion Schützen Regiment 12 in the 4th Panzer after the Anschluss, 1938-1939. Prior to the Anschluss, he was in the Austrian Niederösterreichisches Infanterieregiment Kaiser Franz Joseph I. Nr. 1, or at least that is the unit that the 12th was created from after it was absorbed into the Wehrmacht. It appears that he did not serve in the Second World War - he may not have been NS-enough for the regime... Is there any additional information out there on hi
  10. Rick, as always, many thanks. Am I correct that the BZ3bX is the Order of the Zahringen Lion? Don
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