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  1. Hi ! Can you tell me what were the awards of GFM von der Goltz ? I search especially three last medals of the medal bar, and the last breaststar... Best greetings !
  2. Hi ! I can add some pictures for the 1830-1871 period : And whe can find a lot of variations : this kind for example... A second Republic cross, with imperial eagle on reverse (but with the wrong inscription... Greetings !
  3. And finally, this nice 4th class honor cross order (Schwarzburg Sondershausen), with 1914/15 oakleaf : seems to have been not much awarded...
  4. And an other one... I don't have seen a lot of this : Schaumburg Lippe military merit medal, with red cross...
  5. Some familials awars : the left is the Legion of Honor of my great-great-great-grandfather, awarded during french 2nd Empire (1855). The second and the third are my great-great-grandfather's one...

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  6. Hi ! Thank you for all comments ! I need now to buy some supports for all the pinback awards... About 10-11 years... Around 150 german imperial WW1 items... (and around 40 austro-hungarian items...)
  7. And finally, 5th stage : Anhalt, Schwarzburg (Sondershausen and Rudolstadt), Reuss (Greiz and Gera), Lippe Deltmold, Schaumburg Lippe, Hamburg, Lübeck and Bremen... :love:
  8. 4th stage : Mecklemburg-Schwerin, Oldenburg, Brunswick, Saxony-Weimar, Saxony Meiningen, Saxony Coburg-Gotha, Saxony Altenbourg et Waldeck-Pyrmont...
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