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  1. Meurer‘s medal bar is for sale. If someone is interested in, he or she can write a PM. Cheers
  2. Hi, just fyi: the medal bar of Richard Michelmann was auctioned at a Britsih auction house around April/May. Maybe I can find a pic on the net concerning his medal bar, if you are interested in it?
  3. Nice. I can not see the year mark - what is it?
  4. Nice Set - one of the first ever made: year mark 1935.
  5. Hello, I found two old red cross badges in my cupboard. The round one I could identify: (PCK) Polskiego Czerwonego Krzyża, (OPS) Odznaka Przysposobienia Sanitarnego, producer: Mennica Państwowa. The "snake" is still unknown to me. Material of both is aluminium. Could these badges have been awarded during WW1? Unfortunately no year stamp. Cheers
  6. In my opinion, the worst offense when collecting is to construct a myth around an decoration. There can be many reasons for this, e.g. to artificially drive up the price of an decoration. It also often happens that people simply feel good with it, according to the motto: more being than appearance. Nowadays it is only possible to write or even name a name behind higher-priced decorations if you can present undeniable evidence. The Roman numbers, which were engraved in each of the 10 Stars of the Grand Crosses, only provide support for the jeweler. With the help of these numbers he could know exactly which part belongs to which Star.
  7. Talking about prices in cases of such extremely rare items is like to carry coals to Newcastle. In 2007 at the medalhouse auction one of these unissued sets was auctioned ... I will tell you the price per PM I would subscribe the same price for nowadays. But you never know .. if two crazy roosters compete for such an item, one's mind can suspend very easily.
  8. Cheers, 10 Grand Cross sets with swords were manufactured. Mannerheim's set (with the star and swords turned to the new position) is in his museum. In the Mannerheim Museum there is also another 1918 Grand Cross, which came to the museum from the Order for display purposes in 1953 together with another star, which was originally without swords (and had probably belonged to Prince Carl of Sweden), and to which swords of incorrect length were added with a different technique in the 1950s. Left 8 There are three unissued sets in Finnish Museums (Sotamuseo, Kansallismuseo & Turun linna) Left 5 I know about two complete unissued sets in private collections. Left 3 And these three left have been more likely belonged to the three German recipients (Hindenburg, Ludendorff or Prince Heinrich of Prussia). I therefore really doubt that the here (in this thread) discussed - complete set, even with box, would have belonged to Prince Heinrich of Prussia. Without any evidence, e.g. document, everybody can pretend everything. As a conclusion, we can only find a price for an unissued piece. Regards
  9. Thank you very much for this private story. Having such a big collection there really should exist an inventory list - I really would like to know what (rare) Finnish medals had been in that fascinating collection.
  10. Hi, I was not successful to find any information about Kai Meyer from Holte, Danmark in the internet. I have a picture of him sitting in a room full of awards hanging on the wall. Did someone meet him, is there a biography of him, what happend to his medals/decorations and is there a list of his awards existing (especially those hanging on the wall)? Regards Dete
  11. 1941 cross maybe between 1.500 and 1.800. 1939 cross more... pls do not influence the price only because someone is interested in
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