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  1. Ah, I missed that, my apologies. March 1941 and later - not 1936-39 Civil War related. Thank you Antonio!
  2. Thank you Antonio for the superb references. Perhaps I misunderstood, but I still don't see a ribbon like the one I posted. Is it an authorized hybrid? A prototype? Fictitious?
  3. I found this while conducting a search on the 'net. I've seen the Spanish Medal for Suffering ribbon with green stripes for Spanish military members, and with red stripes for foreign military members, but I've not seen a ribbon that combines green and red stripes. What is the explanation? Is this from the Spanish Civil War period? (the medal itself is 30mm in diameter) Thanks!
  4. Thanks Gordon, can't believe I missed that one. Are you sure it's silver? I magnified the photos, and wasn't 100% sure.
  5. Curious what this forum thinks of the so-called "one-piece" Spain Cross without swords: period authentic, or post-war fabrication? This type of cross has the eagles molded as part of the cross, rather than added separately. The cross photos below are for reference only, to illustrate the type of cross I'm referring to (the cross shown is not mine). My research indicates most collectors believe this cross type is period authentic, although no maker has been identified as far as I know. Note there is a one-piece cross believed to be a 'reproduction' (it has a flaw in one of the swastika a
  6. I know resurrecting old threads is frowned upon, but this one has the history/context for my question... I have two, nearly identical plastic Luftwaffe "wavy" flags, both painted Flak red. However, the reverse on one says Flakartillerie, and the other says Nachrichentruppe. In Post 28 of this thread, dj--joe also shows a Luftwaffe red "wavy" flag marked Nachrichentruppe; but shouldn't a LW Nachrichen flag be painted brown like it's LW square flag counterpart in Post 34? Anyone have the background on these seemingly identical wavy LW flags that are marked differently?
  7. Scott


    As a side note, while many Spanish MMI may have been struck in genuine silver, a small nick on the Egana-marked MMI on my LC medal bar indicates it was made of silver plated bronze or "tombac".
  8. Some theorize the badges with the two side hooks on the reverse are WWII era (post Spanish Civil War).
  9. Scott


    Found this photo on the net... This LC veteran also spent some time in Bulgaria.
  10. Had the chance to look through one at the SOS...it seemed to be a compilation of other published works.
  11. Any feedback on this fairly new reference? Anything new or not covered in the several other references on the Legion Condor? http://www.schifferbooks.com/legion-condor-history-a-organization-a-aircraft-a-uniforms-a-awards-a-memorabilia-a-1936-1939-5156.html
  12. I 'm not sure the "combatant-red/non-combatant-white" rule was strictly adhered to, as a few period photos show recipients of the white cross also with the Spanish Cross with Swords.
  13. Received my answer in another forum: the cross appears to be an authentic Juncker -- thanks Jacques! Never thought I'd be able to add such a nice cross to my collection.
  14. How is the device attached? - Looks like the original metal rivet is still visible from the reverse. Perhaps the original devise was lost in the field, and a squadron mate cast a new one from resin?
  15. This looks like an authentic Juncker Gold cross to me, but want to get other opinions to be certain... Thank you. EDIT: Typo in thread title... it should say "Spanish Cross in Gold Opinions"
  16. That is attempting to represent a knight's cross of the war merit cross in gold - a fairly rare item, if authentic (for starters, originals didn't come with diamonds). It's not the worst fake I've ever seen, but it's still a fake.
  17. Likely a SS commerative cuff title, similar to commerative CTs for Horst Wessel. Sounds plausable given Gustloff's relatively early (Swiss) NSDAP membership and subsequent murder.
  18. Scott

    2013 SOS Report

    The Spanish forum has been a bit slow, so I thought I'd give a brief overview of the 2013 OVMS Show of Shows (SOS) held in Louisville, KY this weekend, and cover Spanish & Legion Condor items. This SOS was about 300 tables larger than previous shows (~2,000 tables this time). I arrived at 9am, and completed my first walk-though by 1pm, and I was moving at a good pace, only stopping at tables that I thought looked promising. Of course some of the notable dealers had good spots right up front (Wolfe-Harden, Jason Burmeister, etc.). They had their usual impressive show set-ups, so I didn
  19. It's me again... I found this ribbon bar at the 2013 SOS.
  20. I've searched, but can't find the answer: Did any LC members awarded the Cruz de Guerra earn the Spanish Cross in Silver w/sords, or only the Spanish Cross in Gold?
  21. Thank you Jacques. Yes, the detail is amazing. While mid-war, the color and hinge/catch styles make me think this is still a tombac award.
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