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  1. I found in Petrov book information about awarding during WWII. yes Petrov write about 1851.
  2. Super. Very rare first emission with VL letters. Its very difficult to find such item. But to this moment we dont have 100% guarantee that such pieces were awarded.
  3. For sure its very difficult to answer. On my opinion not more than 250-500 pieces.
  4. Very good item. All part is original. But im not sure that box is from this emission.
  5. Good day. Very rare order, especially in original box and with original document and presentation book. I have the same book in complect of one women awarded with Rad Prace CSR emission. Please can you post better scans of marking! It's Zukov or Karnet a Kisely?
  6. Thank you very much for this information about the ribbon bar. Really very interesting combination of awards..... The Order of St. Alexander, with surmounting swords (swords "am ring") was awarded for merits (non real-combatant merits) in WAR TIME ......
  7. Collegues i need to hear you opinions about this medal bar. Is everithing original? Thank you very much.....
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