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  1. WOW ? ? Yeahhhhhhhh............ Dear Avsar, Thank you very much for pictures. Yoa helped me a lot !
  2. Hello Everyone , I am looking for pictures of Medal of Battle of Kars and Medal of Silistre, if somebody can post .... Thanks. Ruby
  3. Dear Friends , I need urgent information about ; As I know Eduard and Keibal (Sometimes IL) put the hallmarks to the St.Stanislaus and many other Imperial Orders. My question is , Which period did the Original St.Stanislaus Breast Stars , which doesnt have any hallmarks or stamps on them made? Who made them ? I have a 90mm best of best workship St.Stanislaus Breast star , without any hallmarks. Does it make before Eduard and Keibel ? , Also the style of the star is not like period custom made ones, exactly like Eduard ones. Any help will be appreciate , Thanks in advance, Ruby
  4. Mr.Avsar , Great Collection !!! , As I can understand you have a shop , are you selling those items ? I am interested to buy, Thanks Ruby
  5. Ruby

    I got me a Star!

    Dear Rob , Very nice STAR . I am a new member of this site , I interest with Ottoman and Russian Orders and medals , will it be polite if I will ask you how much you pay for this star , I want to buy one also. Thank you Ruby
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