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  1. Hi Pierce , Thanks for posting the closeups ... Howard is a very good friend of mine . I’ve known him for years and unlike many of our “illustrious” dealers in this Hobby , I know he’d never misrepresent anything in the name of a Buck. I didn’t have any problems with the Medals themselves ….but the Paper Tag didn’t make sense to me at all. I’m glad Tom posted his examples so we have something to compare now. Thanks for coming back on that Thread
  2. I'll have to get better close up shots since ..this won't do.
  3. These Bars were recently sold on another site ..but now they are being questioned. One Collector feels they are repros from Austria. I’ll admit that I’ve never seen a paper tag attached like that …any thoughts ?
  4. Hi Gents ..Thought I'd share my latest find with you. This is the first one I've ever had a chance to buy. It's not mint but , it sure made my day !
  5. Hi Heiko , That's a "Lewis Gun" ...more can be found on it here -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lewis_Gun Even deactivated or Dummy versions of this MG are not easy to find so ..Chris is very lucky to own one.
  6. Nice shots Chris !! I remember back when you first got the 08 ...looks like the "Family" has grown now . What's next ? Are you going to add a Vickers to the group ?
  7. Hi Rick ! Thanks for posting the list but ..Personally , I think you should have "added" some creative serial numbers for the fakers to copy and we could have kept it as an inside joke. You could have started the series with # 69-i-8-1-2 ...or added a letter prefix to the number for them to copy. That would have made spotting the repros a lot more entertaining for us. :whistle:
  8. I’ve had one of the Heeresatmer backpack units for years …always thought they were an interesting example of 40’s technology but for some reason they were always overlooked by most Collectors. I was told that my example came from Norway where most of them were kept in service until the 1960’s. …I never found out if that story was true but , I’m glad I found it. I heard one sold for $2k last year so, maybe that old saying is true ---What’s overlooked yesterday is harder to find today. Thought you’d enjoy seeing some shots of it in the case.
  9. Just a thought but , I wonder if they could be members of the "New York Guard" which is an Official NY State authorized Militia. More can be found here -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York_Guard The NYG has always used the same Uniforms reg and reserve components issue except for using "New York State" ID Tape instead of "U.S. Army" and the NY State Flag patch instead of the US Flag Look at the Cap Badge in the photo and compare them to this --
  10. Thanks Laurence ?The variations in Blue are very interesting and I can see where it could confuse things.One looks more Blue , one Charcoal another more black ... Each manufacturer seemed to produced their own shade ..or dies used varied ? I guess ?close enough? applied . I run a Mess Hall and have fed everything from Reserves to Active Units. I?ve noticed a little more than a rivalry between them since many of the active Army look at the Reservists as part timers or ?Weekend Warriors?. Many in the Reserves are older and prior service so some of them look at the a
  11. Thanks Wessel ! Here are a few more close ups of the Visor .. I just went through this Thread -- http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=29537&st=0 and it?s full of non regulation examples of insignia in use by Sonderfuhrer?s . I think it?s a field that?s been overlooked for years ..and there were allowances made and definitely exceptions to the rules. However ...I'd say the RAD Tabs were added post war since that combo just doesn't make sense to me. How are the stitched on ? any sign of another pair of Tabs being in place ? Put your finger under the Boards (where they are sewn into the
  12. Thanks Wessel ! Here are a few more close ups of the Visor ..the band wasn't added yesterday
  13. Well ..."we" might have to re-think that because Piped Sf Visors were used and can be found. However , I'll add that I have only seen Piping for Medical/Propaganda and other specialized branches ..never armed branches like Infantry or Pz. They were around back in the late 60's when no one in our Hobby even had a clue as to what a Sonderfuhrer was ..so there'd be no reason what-so-ever for anyone to "create" a fake Sf Visor by carefully adding a Grey Band back then. As we all know ..Not everything pre 45 was regulation or text Book. How do you feel about the Green backed Eagles being used on Sf
  14. Hi , Agreed and I should have phrased that differently ?The Sf ranks only used the grey piping on Shoulder Boards and did not use the color denoting their assigned branch on them. However ?the Visor seems to have been used by them to show who they were assigned to as over the years I?ve seen Sf Grey Band Visors with a various colored piping. Maybe not regulation but , neither was the green backed Eagle. Now the Eisenbahn boards you just posted are interesting because the piping they used is a darker Blue than the reg Army Grey ..maybe it?s the shot ? I noticed Paul started a Thread on Luft Sf
  15. Thanks Paul ,and I agree , these are a lot harder to find than an SS Tunic . There's no sign of it ever having any Award Loops . And the Visor is named but didn't come with it ..it was a Christmas Gift from a fellow Collector (and great friend) who knew I had the Tunic and just wanted to help me complete the set ..I tried buying it from him but , he wouldn't hear of it. It was not out of the ordinary to see a SF wearing the Grey Piped Shoulder boards and a different color on his Visor. Apparently they did not mass produce the Sf Boards with piping for every branch color and it was a lot eas
  16. I left the tags attached ..right where they put them
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