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  1. D'ont like too clever as the father with the exception of Tatiana Nicolaievna or daugther of Nicolas. Anyway if they would be clever in that circunstances is not of clever people, but revolution llooks imposible 1 day before. (o Hija de Nicolás . Como Pérez era hijo de Pero o Pedro aunque menos elegante, pues bastantes de los apellidos terminados en -ez cómo Gonzalez vienen de incluseros sin apellidos. La zarina tiene una cara de loca que echa para atrás.)
  2. Here we have the correspond between two very knows and famefull celebrities of the American Independence War, althought the mail is from 1813. I will extract the main part of the content as an example: I will leave also the links to the site. If somebody wants to say something, go on, if not I reserve my criterium about the matter. "I join you sincerely, my friend in wishes for the emancipation of South America. That they will be liberated from foreign subjection I have little doubt. But the result of my enquiries does not authorize me to hope they are capable of maintaining a free government. Their people are immersed in the darkest ignorance, and brutalised by bigotry & superstition. Their priests make of them what they please, and tho' they may have some capable leaders, yet nothing but intelligence in the people themselves can keep these faithful to their charge. Their efforts I fear therefore will end in establishing military despotisms in the several provinces. Among these there can be no confederacy. A republic of kings is impossible. But their future wars and quarrels among themselves will oblige them to bring the people into action, & into the exertion of their understandings. Light will at length beam in on their minds and the standing example we shall hold up, serving as an excitement as well as a model for their direction may in the long run qualify them for self government. This is the most I am able to hope for them. For I lay it down as one of the impossibilities of nature that ignorance should maintain itself free against cunning, where any government has been once admitted. I thank you for making Mr. Correa known to me. I found him deserving every thing which his and my friends had said of him, and only lamented that our possession of him was to be so short lived. I will certainly send you another copy of the book you desire if it can possibly escape the perils of the sea. I say nothing about your affairs here because being in the best hands I can say nothing important. I am happy you have been able to turn the just retribution of our country to some account in easing your mind from some of it's concerns. On our part it was a just attention to sacrifices you had made to make us what we are. I only lament it was not what it should have been. I write to Male de Tessé, M. de Tracy, &c. and conclude with the assurance of my affectionate and unalterable friendship and respect. P.S. Monticello Dec. 14. I have kept my letter open that I might state with certainty the issue of the expedition against Montreal. Our just expectations have been disappointed by another failure of a general commanding a large portion of the army ashore, and refusing to meet the main body according to orders at the entrance of L. St. Francis. The expedition was of necessity abandoned at that point at which it was known to have arrived at the date of my letter: and the commencement of severe weather forced the army into winter quarters near that place. In the President's message at the meeting of Congress you will see a succinct & correct history of the transactions of the year. By kindness of Library of Congress of the USA https://www.loc.gov/resource/mtj1.047_0063_0066/?sp=4&st=text Colección: https://www.loc.gov/collections/thomas-jefferson-papers/about-this-collection/
  3. i WILL CLOSE FOR MY SIDE THIS THREAD WITH SOME LINKS TO PAPERS AND PRESS ABOUT THE Great War. https://www.ub.uni-heidelberg.de/helios/digi/feldzeitungen.html Biblioteca Nacional de España https://www.loc.gov/newspapers/?dl=item&q=press By now
  4. Here is the proves: The Great Boer War Arthur Conan Doyle CHAPTER 1. THE BOER NATIONS. "Take a community of Dutchmen of the type of those who defended themselves fo fifty years (really were 80 years) against all the power of Spain at a time when Spain was the greatest power in the world (really was a civil war between netherlanthers in which Spain only need Belgium to attack Paris with the cavalry the empire was too complex for Doyle to understand). Intermix with them a strain of those inflexible French Huguenots who gave up home and fortune and left their country for ever at the time of the revocation of the Edict of Nantes (a GROUP OF FRENCH HUGONOTES left france to rob the spanish Florida, where were massacred by the spanish shetlers). The product must obviously be one of the most rugged, virile, unconquerable races ever seen upon earth. Take this formidable people and train them for seven generations in constant warfare against savage men and ferocious beasts(here call the spanish "savage men and ferocious beasts" in passing), in circumstances under which no weakling could survive, place them so that they acquire exceptional skill with weapons and in horsemanship (where the same people that in Chile were all murdered by the indians araucanos and starvation? ), give them a country which is eminently suited to the tactics of the huntsman (THEY REALLY HUNTS INDIAN FAMILIES), the marksman, and the rider. Then, finally, put a finer temper upon their military qualities by a dour fatalistic Old Testament religion and an ardent and consuming (GOOD WORD) patriotism. Combine all these qualities and all these impulses in one individual, and you have the modern Boerthe most formidable antagonist who ever crossed the path of Imperial Britain. Our military history has largely consisted in our conflicts with France, but Napoleon (OTHER MITIC PERSONAJE) and all his veterans have never treated us so roughly as these hard−bitten farmers with their ancient theology and their inconveniently modern rifles (WHERE WERE THE RIFLES, PORTUGAL?). Look at the map of South Africa, and there, in the very centre of the British possessions, like the stone in a peach, lies the great stretch of the two republics, a mighty domain for so small a people. How came theythere? Who are these Teutonic folk who have burrowed so deeply into Africa? It is a twice−told tale, and yetit must be told once again if this story is to have even the most superficial of introductions. No one can know or appreciate the Boer who does not know his past, for he is what his past has made him.It was about the time when Oliver Cromwell was at his zenithin 1652, to be pedantically accuratethat the Dutch made their first lodgment at the Cape of Good Hope. The Portuguese had been there before them, but, repelled by the evil weather, and lured forwards by rumours of gold, they had passed the true seat of empire (AND THE WHITE SHARKS) and had voyaged further to settle along the eastern coast. Some gold there was, but not much, and thePortuguese settlements have never been sources of wealth to the mother country, and never will be until theday when Great Britain signs her huge cheque for Delagoa Bay. (JUA QUE MENTIRAAAA)The coast upon which they settled reeked with malaria. (THE REAL PROBLEM WAS THE FLY TEST-TEST, THE MALARIA WAS EVEN IN EUROPE) A hundred miles of poisonous marsh separated it from the healthy inland plateau. For centuriesthese pioneers of South African colonisation strove to obtain some further footing, but save along the courses of the rivers they made little progress. Fierce natives and an enervating climate barred their way.But it was different with the Dutch. That very rudeness of climate which had so impressed the Portuguese (JAJAAJAJAJJJA) adventurer was the source of their success. Cold and poverty and storm are the nurses of the qualities which make for empire. It is the men from the bleak and barren lands who master the children of the light and theheat. And so the Dutchmen at the Cape prospered and grew stronger in that robust climate. They did not penetrate far inland, for they were few in number and all they wanted was to be found close at hand. But theybuilt themselves houses, and they supplied the Dutch East India Company with food and water, gradually budding off little townlets, Wynberg, Stellenbosch, and pushing their settlements up the long slopes which lead to that great central plateau which extends for fifteen hundred miles from the edge of the Karoo to theValley of the Zambesi. Then came the additional Huguenot emigrants the best blood of France three hundred of them, (TO CALL THE HUGONOTES OR CALVINISTAS FRANCESES THE BEST BLOOD OF FRANCE IS SIMPLILY TO look down on HIS READERS) a handful of the choicest seed thrown in to give a touch of grace and soul to the solid Teutonic strain (NAZI?). Again and again in the course of history, with the Normans, the Huguenots, the Emigres, one can see the great hand dipping into that storehouse and sprinkling the nations with the same splendid seed. France has not founded other countries, like her great rival, but she has made every other country the richer by the mixture with her choicest and best (BY EXAMPLE HAITI,SOME MORE?. The Rouxs, Du Toits, Jouberts, Du Plessis, Villiers, and a score of other French names are among the most familiar in South Africa." HE TAKE OPIO, MEZCAL, PEYOTE TO FINISH HIS STORIES AND NOVELS? I AM SURE. HERE THE BORING STRATEGIA OF DOYLE, FOR MONEY OR FAME GIVE, IS EXTREMELY BAD EDUCATED OVERRATTED THE DUCHT TO HIDE THE RIDICULOUS GOVERN OF THE "EMPIRE" BY THE BRITISH, THAT ONLY MOVE FOR MONEY AND POWER. The quote of Clive is in the book of Osprey: "When Clive conquest La India" I think.
  5. An example of german information in press: Erich von Falkenhayn. He wear Order of the Crown, first class I supoosed with swords.
  6. Brusilov in the illusration Other classic, The ilustrated london news Star and Stripes
  7. I think the sijs are muslim, because I remember it from the book: The Thirst afgan-war that teach us how not to manage an "empire". The same confussion that Clive thAT said he don't understand HOW he not reach the fame of Hernán Cortés. This was because he didn't understand that he was not building an empire really. The same fatigue mental that Arthur Conan Doyle when he said in one of his unfortunated novels about the portuguese in South Africa that din't have pass to the inland of Africa unlike the boers beacuse was an dead beat race and very slow. And he didn´t know that the colonialism portuguese only found colonias-factories in the coast. The same that English, French, Nederlands and other. Not imperios as the Russian empire or the turkish empire, I don't know how began this "plática" as say. I admire the english, french, etc... but not for build any empire. the mexican.
  8. Thanks to you peter monahan. Talking of indians of the India I have some photos that aI have lost of view. While I look for more images. I can upt now soem PDFs of "THE TIMES", Don't have images but very dayly information. Are just examples. Aisne 1914: Allies over the Aisne, 15-9-1914.pdf Battle on the Aisne, 17-9-1914.pdf Battle on the Aisne, 18-9-1914.pdf Battle on the Aisne, 13-11-1914.pdf Attack on the Aisne front repulsed, 27-11-1914.pdf Battle on the Aisne, 15-12-1914.pdf Battle line on the Aisne, 22-12-1914.pdf Battle on the Aisne, 18-9-1914 (2).pdf Battle on the Aisne, 21-9-1914.pdf
  9. Some books you can get easily: From the web and for nothing. GWar and arounds -THE REGIMENTAL RECORDS OF THE BRITISH ARMY (1901) -THE WAR HISTORY OF THE 4th battalion THE LONDON REGIMENT (ROYAL FUSILIERS) 1914-1919_D.byMicrosoft -THE FIFTH DIVISION IN THE GREAT WAR._D.byInternet archive_University of Toronto Library - A SHORT HISTORY OF THE 6th DIVISION Aug. 1914-March 1919_Don´t have marks -British 8th Infantry Division on the Western Front, 1914-18_University of Birmingham_Centre for First World War Studies -WAR SERVICE OF THE 62ND WEST RIDING DIVISIONAL ARTILLERY_D.byInternet archive_University of california Libraries -ASSAULT TRAINING. SEPTEMBER 1917. ISSUED BY THE GENERAL STAFF._Don´t have markAnd more I have collectthese years. In the little details you know the tradition in the back of a Army. As by example how to salute to the superiors or to the flag. By example the spanish Legion come from a period ,"The desaster of Annual", of colonial wars. It has only one century, but it have traditions of the spanish army as the funders needs to make an "invented tradition" for people eyes on demand. By example they have get the names of "Tercios" y "banderas" instead of regiment and batallion but they are organize in the most modern way they can, even to with the "gastadores" sapper and all the splendor of the "Día del orgullo gay" in Madrid. Somebody comment it, I remember in the forum something like this reacting to a photo of legionarios "marcando paquete". The same problem has the Guardia Civil with the uniforrm of summer, but nobody likes to react to this fact. This is a confusion between the tradition and the basic essentials necesities of the corp.
  10. Royal Symbols the second is a german crown
  11. In other thread of uniforms I have been talking of vectorial bottons this are examples of the process. To make mariscall as general buttons, you have to begin with this laurel leafs. After insert the general symbols without crown. The other model is from a gorget marshall button. We have discover tahn teh motto of the Most Nobile order of the garther. "HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE" Latín. Order that likes too much the King Felipe VI of Spain, the motto is very explanatory : Disgrace for who think bad of this",, me by example, that think very bad "si Felipe ai capable " of something more than this, As we say the two letters are George Rex. Anglorum, of course. In the reallity are different clases and sizes of buttoms. The left ones are hand made and solid gold and the others from stamp metal in gold, surely. The nearest to the ww1 are the first the second are serial buttons for poor Marshalls.
  12. The hard cups are too "stiff" cup. The problem begins when you can't keep it in the shoulder patcht or in the pocket of the jacket, I don´t know if the regulations let to keep something in there. Taylor mark in a staff officer cup. Way of keep the images in a .FH10 vectorial archive. I think the montaje is in other post. I f somebody want to ask for some of the tecnichs I employ with the images, it is the moment. Hunting quick nformation in PS and other image archives. Most of time you find the information in commercial hand-made pages or the same EBay. Neevr from a personal web-page that not have the satisfaction of hunting and never from forum, just take the information i need. In special in de WW1 forum in english have a lot of first hand information. I don't know if some body is interested in this classes, but only with one "student" is enough to me by now. This is from image collectors in special uniform collections, for me is funier and much more cheaper. Details are very important: Cause you are making a real image with the vectorial program that have not author rights. Is very useful to make copies of bottons, cups, etc... but don`t intent to sell this because take too much time. And people don't use to know nothing but the money. This is a staff cup botton that you can notice not only in the red coat. The botton with the GR (George Rex, I think) acronyms and the "lema" or motto around these. You'll have to wait to capture the letters. The crown is King's crown as all the wwi crowds. Although was not the intention of this thread I think I will put some vectorial buttons. Sorry but I don't have other better example. The two up bottons of generals and marshall are much more loyal to reality than the bottom one. The secret is in the crown of marshall and the distances between the separate figures. It is the best form to study miliatry stufff.
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