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  1. Here i want to comment and event that have come from ten years or less and thats come fróm the digilization masiveof archive7s. If i begjn this conversation in an english forum it is because is the only forum i know. And is better that they can say something about. I leave a photo of something that can happen now. It is not policy, it is History of the world.
  2. La armada invencible have change it name for la felicisima armada, in Spain i mean.
  3. Hello, do you know if Brian Wolfe is still in the frums?


    1. Boris


      Are you ready for answer? For me are very bad manners to don't  answer to a question, if it is razonable, or is a mistake.

  4. France campaign of 1592. Flandes before the uprising. Not against Spain, against his natural lord Felipe II. Really was a civil war between catholics flamencos (aid by Spain, that pay the war and put very few soldiers and members of the Orange House, normally using mercenaries. (will be continued)
  5. Battle of Gembloux Farnesios' Family arms. France campaign 1590
  6. Land of origen from the family Farnesio. Amberes siege by Alejandro farnesio Battle of Lepanto
  7. From the historical military book "Alexander", history of Alexander Farnesio, spanish military man. Text and book Luis de carlos. Maps&graphics.Boris. About the Alejandro Farnesio campaigns in Flandes. Arms of Alexander
  8. Have you hair about the verdadera destreza?: Here it is in a russian film about Peter the great. Is the spanish mathematic art using the sword (La ropera) Is the first art of fight scientifically. You can see "los conquistadores" from Osprey to know what was his power.
  9. Very good made. I have got some experience too with images manipulation.
  10. Boris

    Did you know that...

    According to british historian John Irving The Blue Division was the only "german" division in the east front that don't make any russian prisoner.
  11. https://www.todocoleccion.net/militaria-uniformes/hebilla-infanteria-modelo-1939-43-final-guerra-civil-espanola-division-azul~x29352643 "Cereceda" is the makers-mark, and is a small village in North-Spain. Here you have the answer, the spanish buckle-belt have the symbol of infanterie not in blue and not with the Aguila de San Juan that is place better in the general rombos of army. I mean in the 1939 times. The name of Blue Division, comes from the shirts, that use the falange blue colour of these voluntaries. Not all the spanish voluntair used that in the german uniform. note that the republican symbol o http://www.warrelics.eu/forum/collections-display/spanish-civil-war-blue-division-volunteer-collection-673980/
  12. Boris

    Did you know that...

    That the famous " The Congressional MEDAL OF HONOR" have the motto in spanish "VALOR", not 'courage' or 'bravery' in english even 'honor' comes from the spanish honor and not from the english 'honour'. Even the most important argentinian historian claims that Jefferson was an spaniard (it is difficult). Anyway the dollar symbol means Spain and the two bars the "Columnas the Hercules" that are in south of Spain and are a symbol that comes from Reyes Católicos tems (XIV century), One is Gibraltar... Even the american dollar and the "pesos" of Hispano América. comes from the spanish "Real the a 8" currency that was the stronger money currency in all the world during four centuries until XIX century. It dies in China in 1945. https://www.eleconomista.net/economia/Por-que-peso-es-el-nombre-de-tantas-monedas-en-America-Latina-20190222-0017.html logo6500.bmp
  13. Some spanish information about ethiopya from Teodoro II times: http://bdh-rd.bne.es/viewer.vm?id=0000149011 https://elretohistorico.com/el-saqueo-ingles-de-abisinia/
  14. Boris

    Did you know that...

    I begin here a section about military spanish and hispano-american curiosities: If somebody knows any, please do not keep your mouth shut. Say here. The motto "SEMPER FIDELIS" ("always loyal") is typical of the American Marines Corp... and also was adopted by the spanish TERCIO de la Armada (Spanish Marine Corp) Spanish Marine Corp Is the most ancient in the world, create in february, 27 1537 by the Emperor of Roman-German empire and King of Castile and Aragón, etc... Charles the fifth (they are infantry professional soldiers) board and that stay apart of the naval crew. This is the real reason because the spanish armada rule the waves for two centuries, as less. Apart of this Castile have the most strongest navy as less since XIV century in West-Europe and Aragón from XIII siecle as less in the west-mediterranean sea. The Gregorian calendar, much accurate than the Julian calendar, was developed by pope Gregorio the thirteen , and from 1582 adopted immediately in the navies of some catholic countries, between them Spain, Italy, Portugal, Poland, that adopted it. This technology was the best for the measure of time in sailing. This new precision in long travels let spanish armada (within a much superior cartography) to take a definitive advantage to his european enemies than can't find the way to America for one centurie. The first nations than come, in fact use spanish betrayer pilots.
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