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  1. I saw this tunic when it was up for sale , would it be a Battalion indicator or possibly a Stug Battalion? I also have some pic's found on The Bundes Archive i will post most are 16th FD outside Caen. Mark
  2. I really like the Tabs and in particular the recon /Bike unit version . Nice collections. Thanks for sharing. Mark
  3. Should the center of the lower arm br buff as well the area inside the piped rea. He also has a Good Conduct Stipe. Woud be bice to see the stripes on pants as well. I amnot arguing it is not hussars , just trying to eliminate anything else. Mark
  4. Check SOE/OSS opertion's .I can not find anything where i normally look sorry. Mark
  5. Nice PC's and sketches. love how they were to get all that stuff neatlyback into the barrack box. Mark
  6. These belts are harder to find as alot of th rarer badges and buttons were removed and the belts were discarded . I have a geramn belt that was a Hate belt , but contains no buttons or badges ,so it s used as my original belt for diaplay. The museum has 2 Canadian belts both are what look like Stable belts , but i think they are just waist belts , one is more refined and has just buttons ,the other is a little more jumbled and has every type of allied badge on it .I was told by an old Red Stripe Club member friend that these were usually collected by younger men and the gotta prove i was ther
  7. Might be wrong ,but thought they were 9th brigade . Mark French Grey can vary in shades. Any how here is a link to some wartime pics of the QOR http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/archivi...qm9sfkpcq0fkjt2 QOR at rest same brigade ( uncles in this one ) http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/archivi...qm9sfkpcq0fkjt2 Ewgiment de Chaudiere follow it back for any other pics. Mark
  8. The side buttons are Arttilery either RHA or FA . Amy be the private purchase or NCOS cap would make sense .I think it is post war .The Canadians wore similar caps into the 1930's when the SD cap or bereets took there place. Is the RHA badge not smaller ten the regular RA badge ? mark
  9. Thye were adopted after training in the US and were changed after arriving in England ,From the Veterans I knew they were not amused with the name. Here is a pic off the NA of Canada SJT Stahlt C company Nice to see you here Clive, Mark
  10. There is only the Regimental Silk , no kings color . So how many units would parade like this.There was a copy of the 08 pouches and combined the leather and webb. I was wondering if it was the PPCLI as they were granted there regimental flag to a color as they carried it through the war 14-18 .I am not positive on that , would it be a Yeomanry unit? mark
  11. Nice collection The Toronto Reunion has it's own set of stugg .I have a few items i have turned over to a collector of my unit memorabilia. They had bereats colored to there Divison ,as well as Arm Bands . Alot of the enameled badges you may see were for the reunion. If you ever get to To there is a memoriel park nrxt to HMCS York ( lakefront) .At the base of each tree there is a brass plack to each battalion in the CEF ,organised by brigade . The Biggest tree was dedicated to George the Vth and other nenbers of the Allied Armies. The one badge looks like the Canadian Corps Associati
  12. I have several wartime helmets that are more a darker color .They are 2 tankers and a MkIII Infantry ,I was noticing the lack of the upper mounting screws. The tanker shells came in three variants similar inshape , the last has the same pop the dot pin as the MkIV infantry helmet. I have seen a Canadian made 195 version of these Para helmets. mark
  13. Nice grouping , and the stories you should put to paper. I to have a couple uncles stuff wish i could get thier records . Mark
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