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  1. my collection room
  2. finally have my war room done and i think it looks pretty good now. got some new display cases, and other odds and ends to make it look organized. enjoy the photos joe
  3. Hi Noel, welcome to the forum. Ive had alot of dog pics in my time of collecting and i sold them all to a fellow collector named john perryman he is a avid dog photo collector like yourself and he is trying to get a book done on the dogs of war in ww2 in german photos. i know ive sold over 200+ pics to him over the years. he lives in southern calif. anyway here are a few of my ww1 postcards with dogs. enjoy joe
  4. those are some nice ones Naxos. would love to see more if you have them. can't wait to see chris ones those should be great. well here are a few more of mine, enjoy joe
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