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  1. Oops Never mind.... those last two pics are of General Erik and not Nyholm..... Damn
  2. Ok.. now the best one...... Mike, looks like you were right about the last medal... Arggg.... BUT..... some of the others don't look right now either.....
  3. Hello all, Have some additional pics to update (thanks the Steen Ammentorp)!! Here is a young Nyholm.... circa 1887
  4. 2nd to the last is the Italian Order of Savoy (Officer) which uses the same ribbon as the Brit St. Michael and the last is the Egypt Order of the Nile (Officer). I'm still working on the first one... but I have a feeling that it too will be an order from that area.... can you tell me what the true colors are (they look faded) ? I really don't think that they are Brit... since the precedence is also incorrect... the St. Michael would come before the RVO... Cheers Mark
  5. How would you know if an item was an 'issue' piece or a private purchase item, especially if the item was not numbered? I would assume that if you were awarded an order (Danish, Dutch etc) and went to a jeweler to purchase a duplicate (and he is the same jeweler that the official pieces come from) that you would keep those ???? This is damn confusing !
  6. Hey Jeff, That's great info.. thanks ! But this raises another question. If the awardee purchased the award from the private jeweler.. must it still be returned or is it only the ones that came from the government 'mint' to be returned ? I'm assuming that the same rules would apply to other countries as well and not just the Netherlands. Cheers Mark
  7. Hey guys, A couple general questions concerning the Oranje-Nassau.... 1) Was this order required to be 'returned' upon the death of the recipient? 2) Are there any numbers published in regards to how many Civil and Military versions were awarded by date and by the class of the award ? Cheers Mark
  8. Reverse with a nice maker's mark. M.J. Goudsmit - La Haye. I wonder if it is the same maker that made the commander's badge. They came form the same seller and appear to be the same period....???
  9. Hey Mike, What a cool group... love it and the history !!!!! I found the 'star' for the commander's badge.... on it's way to me today.....
  10. Hey Jeff, Nice item.. I didn't realise that you were the one that picked that one up off eBay !! Cheers ! Mark
  11. I think this is a maker's stamp.. any thoughts ? By the looks.. I kind of think this is an early piece but a that is just a guess.
  12. Here is the reverse.. I really like the detail under the blue enamel. A few chips here and there in the white which im assuming happens when it is worn and bounces off the tunic buttons.
  13. Hello Boys, Here is a new 'toy' that arrived today.... for my Nyholm display.... Silver gilt but I think the suspension ring, loop, ball tips and lion are in gold... Is this possible ?? This is the first Commander's award with swords that I have seen. Were these required to be returned to the government after the recipients death ?
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