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  1. I know, I must have got too excited. Definitely a lesson for me.
  2. Here's the name of the seller: Jens Zander from Germany (he goes by "held_der_su" on eBay). If you decide to deal with this individual - do not ever send him cash or bank transfer as he insists! Use PayPal/CreditCard instead.
  3. I assume the price isn't bad - you can't even buy a Soviet long-service Red Banner for this price...
  4. He absolutely refused to accept the return and went furious when I told him I'd like the refund. I hope PayPal will help with the refund.
  5. I love this collecting business! When I told seller that medal is a fake and I wanted to return it, his response was: "I still do believe that it is genuine, because I`ve paid 350,- Euros for it in 2003 !" This is priceless!
  6. Rick, thank you! When you say "very strange" - what do you find partularly unusual about the group? The group contains only first two orders, Lenin is missing.
  7. Please advise on this order book, I am interested to know if all entries are legitimate.
  8. These are probably from old collection, it's good time to get some good money for your goodies.
  9. Gentlemen, thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it. It's sad to see that medal isn't 2nd class. Well, it will have to go back to the seller.
  10. Hello, please post your thoughts about this Glory 2nd class medal.
  11. Would you please post reverse pick of Bulgarian bar?
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